The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 179

Chapter 179 “Is Grandpa home?”

“Yeah, of course. However, don’t you know your status? You’re just a dog to the Callahans. You’ll have to crawl if you want to come inside.”

“Who is it, Megan?”

Tommy walked over and saw James at the door. “Yo, James! What a rare visitor,” he sneered. “I’m here to see Grandpa. I’ve got an important matter to discuss with him,” said James.

“Didn’t you hear Megan? You’re a dog to the Callahans. You’ll have to crawl inside if you want to enter the Callahans’ villa,” Tommy said condescendingly. Tommy came out to welcome someone-his youngest sister, who moved to North Cansington after marriage had returned.

He wanted to welcome her back home personally.

Wendy Callahan was Howard’s youngest daughter and Megan and Tommy’s sister Six months ago, she married into a wealthy family in North Cansington whose status was comparable to the Great Four of Cansington.

Her husband was also very promising. Despite not being a direct descendant of the Colemans, he was the deputy captain in the specialized police unit and possessed considerable authority. Wendy had brought her husband, the deputy captain of the specialized unit force, back to celebrate Lex’s 80th birthday.

Tommy was not expecting the visitor to be James instead of his sister. Suddenly, a million-dollar luxury car pulled up in front of the villa’s gate A couple got out of the car.

The woman dressed in a gorgeous dress seemed to be in her twenties, The man had a beer belly and looked nearly in his forties.

The woman was Wendy The man was Brody Coleman from the Colemans in North Cansington. He was currently the deputy captain of the specialized police unit in North Cansington. “Wendy, Brody!” Tommy’s expression immediately changed upon seeing the arrival of the couple. He smiled and greeted them, “Wendy, I haven’t seen you in more than six months! Grandpa has been talking about you a lot, Brody. He has been looking forward to seeing you, and you’re finally here! I heard you’ve just been promoted as the deputy captain?” Wendy held on to the forty-plus man with a delighted smile. “Deputy captain is nothing. The influence of the Colemans is unimaginable. With their connections, my husband will be promoted to the captain of the specialized police unit very soon!”

“We have to stay low profile. I’ve told you countless times that we have to stay humble outside. Don’t go around bragging about being deputy captain. The deputy captain is nothing compared to my uncle! He’s the secretary of a particular general in the North Cansington’s Military Region. He is the epitome of authority.”

Tommy knew that the Colemans were a very influential family, but he never expected them to be so powerful

“Come in, Brody! You have me about all the glorious deeds of the Colemans.” Tommy invited them into the house.

Meanwhile, Megan had already headed inside to inform Lex. “Haha! My good grandson-in-law. I’ve been looking forward to seeing you, and you’ve finally come!

Lex walked out with a smile.

“Grandpa,” Brody greeted him.

“Brody, I’ve heard you’ve been promoted to deputy captain?” “Granpa, you’re flattering me. I’m humbled. Deputy captain isn’t anything worth mentioning. My uncle is the real deal. He’s the secretary of a general in the North Cansington’s Military Region. The Blithe King has high expectations of him. Thus, he was promoted after the Blithe King’s succession. He vowed to become one of the best in North Cansington’s military region within five years.” “Alright, alright.” Lex wore a broad smile “Grandpa…”

James also greeted him.

Lex finally noticed James, and his smile froze. Then, his expression dimmed, “Yeah? What do you need?»

“Grandpa, there’s something I need to discuss with the venue for your eightieth birthday. 1 think the Cansington Hotel isn’t worthy of you,” James said with a smile.

“What do you mean, James? Are you saying that Grandpa is not worthy enough for the Cansington Hotel? Are you saying he is not qualified to celebrate his birthday at the Cansington Hotel?” Tommy shouted. “Get out of here, James.” Lex glared at James with dissatisfaction on his face

“Who’s this, Grandpa?” Wendy glanced at James.

She got married six months ago and had not returned recently. Thus, Wendy had never met James before.

“Who else could it be? It’s the live-in son-in-law of the Callahans, Thea’s husband,” Megan said contemptuously.

James was unbothered by everyone’s ridicule and simply approached Lex, whispering something into his ear, “What?”

Lex was stunned, and he exclaimed, “Re-really?”

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