The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 186

Chapter 186 The Five Provinces Business Alliance had a representative in each city of the five provinces.

The head of each family was a council member of the business alliance.

There was also a family from Cansingon that joined the Five Provinces Business Alliance-the Watsons.

The Watsons were not among the Great Four of Cansington but had more tremendous assets than them. They were recognized as one of the best households in Cansington.

Cansington’s council member for the Five Province Business Alliance, Gavin Watson, was in a company meeting when he suddenly received a call from the president. The president was furious during the phone call as he explained the general situation. Gavin immediately phoned the Xenoses and personally brought the latter, his little lover, and dozens of security guards who had laid their hands on the Callahans to redeem themselves. In the Callahans’ villa, the family members were still unsettled after what had happened. “Is there any news yet, Brody?” Tommy could not help but ask.

Brody was not confident at all. After all, the people who beat them were from the Xenoses. The . Colemans would not offend the Xenoses for an indirect family member like him.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Megan went to open the door and was dumbfounded when she saw the people outside.

Dozens of people were kneeling outside the villa’s door.

‘Isn’t this Zack, his lover, and the dozens of security guards that beat us previously?’

Megan’s jaw dropped in shock.

A man in his 40s stepped forward with an apologetic expression. “Sorry to bother you, but may I ask if Mr. Callahan is home? My name is Gavin Watson. I’m Cansington’s council member from the Five Province Business Alliance.”

“What…” Megan exclaimed. ‘Cansington’s council member of the Five Province Business Alliance? He came to the Callahans’ villa in person?

‘Also, why are they kneeling?’

“Grandpa…come out quickly,” Megan turned around and called for Lex.

Lex walked over with his cane.

He saw Gavin standing outside the door, and his whole body trembled. He bowed respectfully and greeted, “W…Mr. Watson, what brings you here?”

Lex walked out of the door.

His jaw dropped in shock after seeing Zack and the others kmeeling on the floor.

Gavin said respectfully, “Mr. Callahan. This fool from the Xenos acted disrespectfully toward

you, and I’ve come to apologize for what happened. I brought them to you to ask for forgiveness. These people are at your disposal.” Lex was shocked and remained silent for a while. When did he have so much influence?

A council member of the Five Provinces Business Alliance had personally come to apologize? Even a member of the Xenoses under the Five Provinces Business Alliance was kneeling before him?

Howard, Tommy, and the others also walked out of the villa.

Their mouths were also wide open upon seeing Zack and the others kneeling outside their house.

It was like they had seen something terrifying. “What’s with this, Grandpa?” Tommy was puzzled. Seeing that Lex remained silent for a very long time, Gavin simply grabbed Zack by the hair and lifted him from the ground. Then, he swung his hands at the latter a few times. Slap! Slap! Slap! The crisp sounds slapping resonated. Zack vomited blood after receiving a few slaps.

He did not even dare to fight back and simply cried, begging for mercy, “Mr. Callahan, I made a mistake. I was a fool to disrespect you. I didn’t know that you knew the general! Please treat me as a fool that made a mistake and just let me go.” “General?”

Lex suddenly understood the situation.

Brody, who followed outside, was immediately delighted. From his perspective, it must be because his uncle avenged him after receiving his phone call.

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