The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1866

Chapter 1866

“Breaking news!

‘The Dragon King, James, has reappeared in the Southern Plains and arrested more than ten generals, including a one-star general.”

The news about what happened in the Southern Plains quickly spread throughout the country and caused an uproar.

Talk of it spread quickly all over the country.

Before the public had a chance to calm themselves, James appeared on a social media platform for the first time and posted an announcement.

‘The Southern Plains declares its independence.”

At the same time, journalists from all over the country gathered in an eighteen-story building’s top floor at the center of Dragonville in the Southern Plains.

James’ voice rang out clearly.

It was a live broadcast.

Everyone from the country and even all over the world was able to watch it.

The news James released online spread like wildfire, and many people tuned into the live broadcast.

“What happened?”

“Everything is peaceful now, so why did Dragonville suddenly declare its independence?

Why did it suddenly become its own nation?”

“Isn’t James Sol’s Dragon King? Dragonville is part of Sol, isn’t it? How can they suddenly declare independence?”

After the news was released, James became the center of discussion.

All major websites and forums were talking about the news.

On a particular online forum, things seemed to be taking a bad turn.

“I’ll be the first to object!”

“James, you bastard, what are you trying to do?”

On the internet, many people chastised James and his decision.

Many people demanded the King step forward and explain the situation.

Some people also suggested that troops should be dispatched to raid Dragonville and take it back by force.

The internet was flooded with dissatisfaction about James.

James chose to ignore these displeased voices since it was useless to explain anything to them now. Time would prove his actions were done with the people’s interests in mind, and they would understand everything he did was for Soleans and all of mankind.

After Dragonville was declared as a country, James began to get to work.

He recruited some top architects and military experts from Sol.

James was ready to take action.

He was about to rebuild Dragonville and create a brand new country of his own.

Slowly, the opposition toward James began to die down.

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed since Dragonville was declared as a country.

During this month, James had everything prepared.

He had sufficient funds and relevant experts on board.

James stared at a blueprint inside a temporary palace in Dragonville.

The design used Dragonville as the country’s center, and a palace would be built at its heart. Buildings would be constructed spread out from the palace.

An underground city would also be built since there was no telling what would happen during the apocalypse and measures had to be taken to ensure the people could weather the worst to come.

“James, something’s happened.”

Seeing Henry rush in frantically, James put down the blueprint. He looked at Henry and asked, “What’s wrong? What happened?”

Henry said solemnly, “Something has happened in Mount Bane.”


James stood up abruptly.

Mount Bane was where the seal was located, and the Void Sect occupied the territory currently.

Void Sect was powerful. All its disciples stood on the Skyward Stairway’s Ninth Stair.

Among them were a number of Half-Saints and two ninth- ranked grandmasters.

With Void Sect’s potent lineup, how could anything possibly happen there?

He looked at Henry and asked, ‘What happened at Mount Bane?”

Henry explained hastily, “Last night, Mount Bane seemed to emit countless rays of light into the sky. Since you fought Kaj from the Void Sect on Mount Bane, it has drawn many people’s interest. Many were secretly watching Mount Bane.

“As soon as the rays of light appeared on Mount Bane, it took everyone by surprise.

Martial artists worldwide are rushing to Mount Bane right now.”

Hearing this, James asked, “What rays of light? Explain it to me properly.”

Henry shook his head and said, “I don’t know the specifics. I only heard that Mount

Bane’s summit lit up with these light rays last night. Many locals think it’s a supernatural phenomenon.”

While speaking, Henry took out his phone and brought up a video.

In the video, colorful rays of light shone from the mountain in the distance.

The light rays illuminated the night sky, giving it an almost ethereal aura.

Henry asked, “James, you said the seal’s location was in Mount Bane, right? Could this abnormal phenomenon mean that the seal has opened?”

James shook his head and said, ‘That’s impossible. From what I understand, the four keys must be gathered to open the seal. Three of the keys are with the Omniscient Deity, and the last is in the Prince of Orchid Mountain’s possession. It’s absolutely impossible for it to be undone right now. Even if four of the keys are gathered, the seal can only be opened in ten years’ time.”

‘This is an unusual situation. I’ll head to Mount Bane to check it out. You stay here and oversee things on this front.”

James gave his orders and left with his Primordial Dragon Blade.

Just as he was about to board a private plane to Mount Bane, the Prince of Orchid

Mountain appeared.

Seeing Langston, James addressed him respectfully, “Grandfather.”

Langston gently waved his hand. James knew Lanston had come to discuss the incident in Mount Bane. At the sight of Langston, James could only think of his mother. Although he was in Dragonville, he did not head to Mount Thunder Pass to see his mother.

“Is my mother well?” asked James.

Langston replied, “Yes, she’s been doing well. We’ve been giving her the medicine you prescribed. Her mood has been pretty stable as of late, and she has shown to be sane on some occasions. When she has her sanity, she practices Ataraxia which has significantly improved her condition.”

Hearing this, James was relieved.

“Are you here because of the incident on Mount Bane?”

Langston nodded.

James asked, “What exactly happened there?

“I’m not sure.”

Langston thought for a while and said, “Mount Bane is where the Sealed Realm is located. If I’m not mistaken, the seal must have loosened causing energy from the

Sealed Realm to spill out and mutate the surrounding plants.”

After speaking, Lanston looked at James.

“James, we must take control of the area containing the gateway to the Sealed Realm. I’ll get Tyrusto assist you. You two should head to Mount Bane and drive the Void Sect away.”

Hearing this, James looked solemn.

“Grandfather, you’ve already surpassed the ninth rank and entered the Supernaturalrank. If you head to Mount Bane and express your desire to occupy Mount Bane, VoidSect will surely concede to your wishes. Why are you asking me to go instead?”

Langston waved his hand slightly and interrupted James.

“I still have other important matters to attend to and can’t leave for the time being.”

“I see… Alright then.” James nodded.

Tyrus was formidable and had been in the ninth rank for many years. With his help, taking over Mount Bane would not present much of a challenge

After giving the order, Langston left.

As soon as he left, Tyrus showed up instantly

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