The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 187

Chapter 187 Brody stepped forward and kicked Zack. He was a specialized police unit officer and thus had greater strength in his kick Zack tumbled a few times on the ground. However, he did not dare to complain and got back up to kneel. Tommy became arrogant and walked over confidently. He approached and squatted down in front of Lucy. Then, he lifted her chin to raise her head. “Do you remember spitting on me, Lucy?” he said with an undisguised smugness. Lucy trembled in fear and pleaded for mercy, “T-Tommy, I made a mistake. Please forgive me.”


The Callahans’ two security guards approached and asked, “Mr. Tommy, what is your order?”

“Beat them!” Tor pointed at the security guards kneeling on the ground and ordered.

“Understood.” The two security guards rubbed their fists and began beating up Zack and the security guards, who were still kneeling on the ground.

Constant groans sounded outside the Callahans’ villa.

Tommy was extremely pleased by the sight.

Brody raised his head proudly.

Wendy, who was Brody’s wife, also had a boost in pride.

This was the benefit of having someone in the military region on their side. So what if others had more money? They still had to beg down and beg for mercy with one word from a prominent figure inside the military region.

Gavin glanced at Lex and asked, “Mr. Callahan. This fool has already kneeled and admitted his mistake. I hope you’re satisfied. I heard you’re celebrating your eightieth birthday in two days. It’s to be held in the House of Royals, right? I’ll definitely bring a generous gift to celebrate your birthday at the House of Royals!”

“W-what do you mean by held in the House of Royals, Mr. Watson? I can hold my birthday at the House of Royals?” Lex’s body trembled.

“Yes, of course! The general gave the order, Mr. Callahan. Go ahead and organize your birthday. No one would dare to stop you again,” Gavin hurriedly replied. “Haha!” Lex burst out laughing.

He was thrilled at that moment,

The unpleasantness of being beaten previously had all dissipated. He waved his hand and said, “That’s enough. You can stop the beating.”

The two security guards stopped. On the other hand, Tommy grabbed Zack, who was still kneeling with a mouthful of blood. The former patted the latter’s red and swollen face and then warned him,”You better remember this, brat. Although the Callahans aren’t a massive household, we’ve got connections everywhere and even know the general!

“Yes, yes! I will keep it in mind!”

Zack did not even dare to bicker.

“Alright. This should’ve settled the problem, right, Mr. Callahan? Would you please kindly tell your connection to forgive us?” Gavin glanced at Lex expectantly.

Mr. Lynch had warned him there would be big trouble if they did not get Lex’s forgiveness.

“Alright. Alright. We’ll let this go. Mr. Watson, come inside and sit.” Lex laughed happily. Gavin waved his hand and rejected, “Mr. Callahan, I’m afraid I won’t be able to entertain you. However, I’ll make sure to come with a generous gift to the House of Royals to celebrate your birthday.” He kicked Zack and roared, “Trash, thank Mr. Callahan for his forgiveness.” “T-thank you very much for your forgiveness, Mr. Callahan!”

Following that, Gavin immediately left with Zack and the others.

After leaving, Gavin wiped the sweat on his face and called Yacob, “P-president, I’ve got the forgiveness of Lex. By the way, who is this general you keep mentioning?” “It’s better for you not to ask what you’re not supposed to.” Yacob hung up the phone.

The Callahans’ villa. “Haha, I’m proud to have a grandson-in-law like you! The Colemans are indeed a very influential family. The Cansington council member personally visited us to ask for forgiveness with just one phone call. He even permitted me to hold my birthday in the House of Royals. You made me look really good!” Lex laughed heartily. Brody never really expected his uncle to persuade the general to interfere with the matter.

He straightened up his back and said, “The Blithe King promised to make my uncle the third most powerful person in charge of the military region in five years. However, grandpa, we must keep a low profile.”

Tommy was in a good mood after being able to relieve his anger. He said, “Brody, this is something that is worthy of being bragged about! Grandpa, let’s go to the House of Royals and see how to decorate it!” Megan immediately praised, “You’re the best, Brody!” Wendy wore a smug and held Brody. “Of course. My husband is the deputy captain. In two years, he’s going to be promoted to captain!”

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