The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 188

Chapter 188 The whole family showered Brody with compliments. They all had the impression that Brody’s uncle, the general’s secretary, had informed the general after the phone call.

With the general helping them, even a council member of the Five Provinces Business Alliance like Gavin had personally shown up with Zack, who ordered the beating to apologize.

Lex was ecstatic that he could now hold his birthday at the House of Royals.

He immediately held a press conference to announce the news.

At the same time, Howard quickly made arrangements for the birthday party, including redesigning the invitations and sending them out. Meanwhile, James, who was staying at Henry’s Common Clinic, saw the news of Lex’s press conference on television.

He instantly knew that the problem was solved and that a Five Provinces Business Alliance representative had shown up at their doorstep to apologize. Since everything was solved, he returned to the Callahans’ villa again.

He rang the doorbell.

The person who opened the door was Howard’s youngest daughter and Brody’s wife, Wendy. She was unfamiliar with James in the past but now was very clear about who he was. The moment she saw that it was James standing outside the door, she crossed her arms and said condescendingly, “You’re really shameless. How dare you come back here again?” Tommy was about to run some errands, but as soon as he saw James at the door, he immediately shouted, “You piece of trash! How dare you come again? Get out of here.”

James’ glanced at the two of them and simply walked passed them into the villa without paying them much attention.

“Stop right there!” Tommy roared.

“I’m here for Grandpa.” James was unwilling to waste time dealing with their nonsense. “You’ve already been expelled from the Callahans. You’re no longer the son-in-law of our family and are no longer permitted to enter our house!”

“That’s right! Get out of here!”

The two siblings treated James without any respect. James’ was puzzled after listening to them. “Didn’t someone from the Five Province Business Alliance come to apologize already?

‘Shouldn’t they be trying to suck up to me right now?

‘What’s with their attitude?

“Did something go wrong in the process?”

James was confused.

Suddenly, a Brently drove toward the villa.

Lex got out of the car with his cane.

Accompanying him were Howard and Brody. Lex had rushed back home after holding his press conference to announce the new venue for his 80th birthday

“Thank you so much this time, Brody. You’ve really made me look so good!” “Grandpa, it’s just the House of Royals. It isn’t anything special. We should continue to stay humble.” Brody said very naturally. “Alright, stay humble!” The two walked toward the house while chatting.

James saw Lex getting out of his car and immediately approached him with a bright smile.

“See, Grandpa. I did not lie to you. You can really hold your birthday in the House of Royals. Why didn’t you tell me before going there yourself? I went back and called my boss and got him to help clear up the misunderstanding and for the Five Province Business Alliance to apologize.” Slap! Tommy walked to James and slapped his head. “You trash! It’s because of you that we got beaten up. My brother-in-law is the one who settled the issue and got Grandpa permission to hold his birthday at the House of Royals. How dare you try to steal credit for it?”

Lex was furious to see James again. He swung his cane at James. James managed to dodge in time.

He stood aside and glanced at Brody beside Lex. “You’re the one who settled it?”

Brody stood straight and adjusted his tie as he boasted, “All I did was make a phone call. The Colemans are very influential people. It’s not something a live-in son-in-law like you can understand.” Wendy walked toward him and took his arm. Then, she looked at James contemptuously. “My husband is now the deputy captain of the specialized police unit in North Cansington. His uncle is the secretary of a general in North Cansington’s military region. He was able to settle

such a trivial matter with just one phone call.”

James’ face darkened.

Someone else was taking credit for his efforts again.

“Grandpa, do you believe him?” James glanced at Lex. “Of course! Why should I believe you?” Lex said with a stern face.

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