The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 190

Chapter 190 “I’m so pissed!” James kicked a chair to release his anger in Common Clinic. Henry sat beside him and smoked a cigarette as he watched James. This was the first time he saw James acting like this.

In the past, James would go on a massacre in battle if he was angry.

Now, he could only resort to kicking a chair to vent his anger.

‘Is this what it’s like to be a man in love?

‘The Black Dragon’s fangs were smoothed out after falling in love?’

“Here, James. Have a cigarette.” Henry passed him a cigarette. James took it, picked up the chair he kicked away, and sat down. “Henry, how can there be so many shameless people? I was the one who solved the problem. What did it have to do with the Colemans?” he said. Henry found the situation extremely outrageous after learning the whole story. “Who else is to blame? It’s your own fault. The Callahans would be desperately trying to suck up to you if you just revealed your identity to them. Plus, compared to Brody, who has an uncle as the general’s secretary, who would believe a live-in son-in-law?” “It makes sense, but…I’ve got anger burning in my heart right now. When have I ever been so helpless before?”

“Henry, help me find out the name of this general’s secretary from the Colerans. Give the Blithe King a call and pass on my order… Wait, maybe I should wait for a little.” James paused. How could he let them go so easily? “Send someone to the Callahans’ villa and safely bring them to the House of Royals. I’ll wait until the birthday party. Hehe…” James smiled wickedly,

“You’ve changed, James.” Henry glanced at James.

In the past, James would not hesitate to take action.

Yet the current James was planning some scheme just because of a little bit of unhappiness in his heart.

James rolled his eyes at Henry. “I’ve told you countless times. We’re in Cansington, the city of peace. We can’t be using our South Plain’s methods.”

Henry replied by rolling his eyes too. “Well, I wonder who went on a killing spree not too long ago? First, there was Ella Corporation. Then, the Prosperous Dynasty…” James glared at him, and Henry immediately held his tongue.

James took a puff of his cigarette and smiled awkwardly. “I couldn’t control my emotions because it’s related to Thea. Things like this won’t happen again in the future.”

“I’ll go make arrangements right now.” James had nothing else to do, so he stayed at Common Clinic. Today was a day worth celebrating to the Callahans.

The news about Lex Callahan’s birthday spread throughout Cansington. “What? The venue is the House of Royals?”

“Does Lex really have such authority?”

“I heard the House of Royals belonged to a bigwig, supposedly the Blithe King?”

Everyone in Cansington gossiped about the news.

The Callahans redesigned the invitations and sent them to all the prominent figures in Cansington.

Time passed quickly, and it was already the night before Lex’s 80th birthday. The Callahans’ villa, Lex smoked his usual tobacco pipe and glanced at Brody.

“Brody, tomorrow is my eightieth birthday. Can you get your uncle to attend? I’ve sent out a. lot of invitations to a lot of bigwigs from the business community. However, I don’t have any connections to people in the military or political circle. I will need someone very influential to shake things up.” “Grandpa, I can try to call and ask him, but I can’t promise anything.”

“Alright, alright. Thank you, Brody.”

Brody immediately made the phone call.

“Uncle, it’s Brody. I wanted to ask if you’re free tomorrow. It’s my wife’s grandfather’s eightieth birthday tomorrow which will be held at the House of Royals – the one constructed by the Five Provinces Business Alliance. Grandpa wanted to invite you over for a couple of drinks. Ah, you’re free? Will the general be coming too? Okay, good, good!”

Brody’s face flushed red in excitement after he ended the call.

“Grandpa, I called my uncle, and he said he will be there on time with the general. He’s one of the most influential people in the military region of North Cansinigton. He has a one-star ranking on his shoulder and an existence at the same level as the Blithe King.” “Haha.” Lex laughed.

With the general attending, his party would surely spread wide and far throughout Cansington and even the five provinces.

His name would finally be widely known tomorrow.

This was the first step and a really big step of the Callahans becoming a prominent household.

The next day. It was a very sensational day in Cansington. The head of a second-class family was holding his birthday party at the most famous and mysterious House of Royals.

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