The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1913

Chapter 1913

The earthlings were significantly disadvantaged this time because they were not strong enough. If they could intimidate Conrad, he would not have taken five berries.

James’ desire to become more powerful grew increasingly stronger.

Then, he left Mount Bane alongside Thea and returned to the Southern Plains.

Soon, they returned to the Southern Plains.

The reconstruction of Dragonville had begun in earnest. Over six months of construction, Southern Plains City was demolished, and Dragonville Palace was completed. Now, many skyscrapers were erected from. the ground up. There were also underground buildings designed for the apocalypse

After briefly checking on the construction progress, James left and headed toward Mount Thunder Pass. He planned to enter a closed-door meditation there. After absorbing the Phoenix Essence, he would then absorb the mysterious berry.

After a few days of closed-door mediation, a person appeared at Mount Thunder Pass

It was the Omniscient Deity. Wearing a white robe, he had a youthful appearance on his face as he looked at James who hurriedly stood up.

“What brings you here, Lord Omniscient?”

James was stunned. After all, the Omniscient Deity did not even show himself during the fierce battle on Mount Bane a few days ago.

“Is something the matter?” James asked.

“Yes.” The Omniscient Deity nodded slightly.

James said, “Please continue.”

The Omniscient Deity said, “I just so happened to miss the events on Mount Bane because I headed to a location mentioned by my master If I had been there, Conrad Titus wouldn’t have gotten away with so. many berries.”

Upon hearing this, realization dawned on James’ face. So the Omniscient Deity had left during the event.

He looked at the Omniscient Deity.

Meanwhile, the Omniscient Deity continued, “Two millenniums ago, my master once told me that there was a place called the Chamber of Scriptures on Earth. This place was left behind by the ancestor of mankind. There are many long-lost martial arts stored away in the Chamber of Scriptures. My master told me to begin searching for the whereabouts of this place only before the seal is about to be undone. In the meantime, while I was gone, I managed to find the Chamber of Scripture as mentioned by my master.”

Upon hearing this, James’ curiosity was piqued.

Left behind by the ancestor of mankind? It must be a precious treasure.

So, he could not help but ask, “What exactly is hidden inside the Chamber of Scriptures?”

The Omniscient Deity shook his head slightly and said, “I don’t know either. I managed to locate the place, but I couldn’t find anything. My master once told me that only a selected few may obtain martial arts from the Chamber of Scriptures. I came here today to invite you to head over there alongside me Maybe we might learn something out of this journey.”

Upon hearing this, James’ face lit up.

The Omniscient Deity looked at Thea and said, “Why don’t you come along with us, Thea?”

Thea asked, “M-May I?”

“Of course.” The Omniscient Deity nodded and said, “I heard about the events that transpired on Mount Bane. You managed to defeat Juniper Waseem who’s at the Supernatural level. You are definitely qualified to enter the Chamber of Scriptures.”


The Omniscient Deity’s expression turned grim as he said, “The Chamber of Scriptures is of great significance to Earth. You must never leak information. Otherwise, disaster will befall humanity.”

“We won’t.”

James and Thea gave their assurances

“Let’s get going, then.”

The Omniscient Deity turned to leave, while James and Thea followed close behind. Then, they left the Southern Plains.

Along the way to the Chamber of Scriptures, the Omniscient Deity briefed them on the Chamber of Scriptures.

It was a place left behind by mankind’s ancestors.

“Not just the Chamber of Scriptures, but even the Four Holy Beasts were left behind by our ancestors.”

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