The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1917

Chapter 1917

The custodian knew that the greater one’s potential, the more terrifying one would be in the future after being contaminated by the Four Holy Beasts’ blood.

She really wanted to kill Thea. However, Thea was one of the martial artists who possessed the greatest potential. It would only be humanity’s loss if she was killed.

“Since her Demonic Energy is still weak, there are still ways to deal with it,” she murmured.

Outside, James slashed at the door repeatedly like a madman.

At that moment, the door opened, and a woman wearing a white dress walked out. The moment she appeared, a wave of Sword Energy struck her. However, the terrifying Sword Energy immediately dissipated upon making contact with her.

James’ Sword Energy had no effect on her

She looked at James and the Omniscient Deity who was standing right outside.

“Who the hell are you?”

James yelled, “I don’t care who you are. Release Thea at once. Otherwise, I’ll tear you to pieces!”

The woman walked over to James and looked at him, saying coolly, “Don’t worry, I won’t take her life.”

Upon hearing this, James breathed a sigh of relief.

The Omniscient Deity stepped forward and said, “Ms. Custodian, Thea really is a good person.”

The woman waved slightly and interrupted him. Looking at James, she said, “That being said, she’s required to stay here from today onward. I’ll adopt special means to purify the Demonic Energy inside her body.”

“What?” Stunned, James asked, “What do you mean?”

The woman nodded slightly and said, “You don’t know how terrifying Demonic Energy is. There are still ways to eradicate the Demonic Energy inside her body now. Once the Demonic Energy overwhelms her, it’ll be too late. Should you encounter any individual who possesses Demonic Energy in the future, bring them here. I’ll purify the Demonic Energy inside their bodies.”

Once he heard this, the Omniscient Deity looked at James.

James had consumed the Spirit Turtle elixir, the dragon blood, and the phoenix blood, and was in the midst of consuming the Phoenix Essence. Why did he not have any Demonic Energy on him?

Then, he looked at the woman and asked, “Ms. Custodian, can you sense the presence of Demonic Energy?”

“Of course.” The woman nodded.

“I once consumed qilin’s blood, whereas James has consumed both dragon and phoenix blood.”

The Omniscient Deity was puzzled.

The custodian said, “Demonic Energy only targets the best of the best, the most distinguished among his or her peers. Once someone like her crosses into the Supernatural level, she will gain insight into the Grand Supernatural. Who do you think you are? You two are merely ordinary people. As such, Demonic Energy has little to no effect on you. Demonic Energy is, after all, designed specifically to target geniuses.”

Hearing this, the Omniscient Deity felt awkward.

He believed that he possessed enormous potential. At least, he was the most powerful individual on Earth. James possessed enormous potential as well. Though the time he spent cultivating was short, he had already broken free of the second shackle.

He pointed at James and asked, “What about him? Can you sense Demonic Energy in him?”

The woman glanced at James and shook her head, “Just a bit, I’m afraid. Such tiny Demonic Energy would have no effect on him. He won’t be experiencing Energy Deviation anytime soon.”

The Omniscient Deity said, “Many Outsiders have appeared on Earth. It appears that the seal is about to be undone. I came here today in search of a few cultivation methods. I hope you can grant me passage.” The Omniscient Deity stated his purpose for the visit.

The woman, however, said coldly. “The time hasn’t come. You aren’t allowed to obtain the manuals from the Chamber of Scriptures yet.”

“Huh?” Anxious, the Omniscient Deity said, “Earth is about to descend into chaos. I have to nurture a few powerful martial artists to defend Earth.”

The woman knew about the situation on Earth. To her, the situation was still calm for now.

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