The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1919

Chapter 1919

Thea headed toward the bluestone and stood before the object. Then, she turned her head and asked, ” Do I just press my palms against the stone’s surface?”

The custodian nodded slightly.

Seeing this, Thea raised her hands and pressed her palms against the stone.

At that moment, she could feel a power emanating from within the rock, which spread from head to toe. She felt a warm, comforting current circulating throughout her body. Then, the mysterious symbols on the bluestone glimmered


At that moment, a crevice appeared on the ground, which gradually increased in size. Then, an underground passage appeared.

“Congratulations.” The woman said delightedly. “You have been acknowledged and granted access to the Chamber of Scriptures. Once you enter through the passage, you will obtain a secret Supernatural art that corresponds to your strength.”

Thea glanced at the underground passage and entered without any hesitation. The moment she entered, the door immediately slammed shut.

Next, the Omniscient Deity walked over to the aptitude stone in anticipation and pressed his palms against it. Soon, the symbols glimmered, and an underground passage appeared. Wearing a delighted expression on his face, the Omniscient Deity hurriedly entered the door.

Now, only James and the custodian remained

She looked at James and asked, “Would you like to have a try as well?”

James looked at her and asked, “Which story did my wife go to?”

The woman smiled.

Though James could not understand what the smile insinuated, he walked over to the aptitude stone nonetheless and pressed his palms against the bluestone.

At that moment, the bluestone trembled.


The custodian was stunned. However, she collected herself in time

James also sensed the slight tremor, but he paid no heed to it. After a brief moment, he sensed a warm current circulating throughout his body.

Soon, the bluestone radiated a glimmering light, and an underground passage appeared before him.

“Congratulations,” the custodian said smilingly.

James did not hesitate and entered immediately.

The underground passage was only approximately ten meters in length. As he approached the end, he took a step forward. At that instant, the images before him disappeared, and he found himself in an unfamiliar place.

This was a room of about fifty square meters, and it was surrounded by mysterious light walls on all sides. Magical symbols and characters appeared only to disappear on the wall.

James scanned his surroundings puzzledly.

T-Is this the Chamber of Scriptures? What story is this? How am I supposed to obtain the martial art manuals?”

He slowly walked toward a light wall, on which mysterious symbols and characters glimmered. Believing that his hands could pass through the wall, he extended his arm.

Then, he touched a character

The character radiated a blinding light and charged out of the light wall, entering his brain.

In an instant, countless pieces of information abruptly flooded his mind. As the amount of information was simply too overwhelming, he could feel his head spin.

Soon, the uncomforting motion stopped, and James was now wearing an overjoyed expression.

“Th-This is simply unbelievable!”

Much information passed through his brain. These were records of a mysterious martial art, which he deeply etched in his mind.

Just as he racked his brain to recall the memory, a mysterious energy came from inside the space and forcibly expelled

His vision blurred.

When he reopened his eyes, he was already at the first story of the tower.

Meanwhile, Thea and the Omniscient Deity were waiting for him.

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