The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1923

Chapter 1923

As Doomsday was made primarily out of dragon bones, it was virtually indestructible. This sword was also a Demonic Sword. Not even Waylon could wield it properly. Whenever he held Doomsday in his hand, a desire to kill would emerge.

Now, the sword was in Maxine’s hands.


She roared while wearing a contorted expression. Maxine only had a single objective in mind-to kill. Since she could not have what was hers, she would simply destroy everything.

“Maxine, this is an evil sword. Put it down right now!” Waylon cried out.

However, Maxine paid no heed to him. Holding Doomsday in her hand, she disappeared without a trace.

Meanwhile, James had boarded the plane headed to Dragonville. He requested the Divine Sword Villa to forge a piece of clothing 300 kilograms in weight to train his physical capabilities.

The Novenary Golden Body Siddhi was a cultivation method meant to cultivate one’s physical body. To possess an indestructible body, one needed to train day in and day out. Only by overcoming the ordeals could one become stronger

Soon, he returned to the Southern Plains.

He was wearing the 300 kilograms jacket the whole time. If not for his True Energy, he would have collapsed to the ground. No matter how strong his physical body was, he could not withstand the weight after wearing the clothing for some time.

Upon arriving at Dragonville, James had begun gasping for breath. However, he persisted. The training had only just begun.

After retrieving the Phoenix Essence and the mysterious purple berry, he drove toward Mount Thunder Pass. He began formulating a cultivation plan. Every day, he would spend three hours absorbing the Phoenix Essence and five hours training his physical body. As for the remaining time, he would cultivate some other martial arts.

Thus, he began his cultivation at Mount Thunder Pass. He would jog every day, traversing the mountain landscape while wearing clothing that weighed 300 kilograms. In just a short while, he was already sweating. Though his back ached, he persisted.

After five hours, his muscles began to cramp, and he sat in a lotus position on the ground. Then, he catalyzed the Novenary Golden Body Siddhi to absorb Empyrean Spiritual Energy, thereby nourishing his body.

As Empyrean Spiritual Energy entered his body, his aching subsided, and he could feel a warm, comforting current circulating throughout his body.

After that, he returned to the peak of Mount Thunder Pass and began absorbing Phoenix Essence. As he cultivated, his strength grew increasingly powerful. In the beginning, he could only jog. Now, his speed had greatly increased, and he could even leap several meters at a time. The current weight he shouldered was no longer capable of training his physical capabilities. So, he began carrying huge boulders on his shoulders and traversed the mountain ranges.

In the blink of an eye, six months passed.

James had been cultivating in the mountains for six months now. His physical capabilities had improved

by leaps and bounds.

In the meantime, he had been absorbing the Phoenix Essence. After absorbing it, he broke free of the third shackle. He was now merely a step away from crossing into the Supernatural level.

As for the specific time, James was unsure of it himself.

What was the Supernatural level? Once one reached this stage, one could gain insight into a Supernatural Power that belonged only to the martial artist. Though different Supernatural Powers may differ in strength, the one acquired would be the one most suited for the martial artist.

At the peak of Mount Thunder Pass, James sat in a lotus position on the ground.

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