The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1924

Chapter 1924

“I have completely absorbed the Phoenix Essence. Now, only the mysterious purple berries remain. I should be able to reach the Supernatural level if I absorb them. However, my current physical capabilities are incompatible with it,” James murmured.

His current physical capabilities were still a distance away from his realm.

He stood up and struck the air with his fists. The fists were devoid of True Energy and he only utilized the raw strength of his muscles, but powerful energy shredded through the air and shook the mountains in the distance

“My current physical strength is probably around my overall strength when I broke free of the first shackle This is when combined with the power of some of the muscles.”

James gauged his strength.

“The Novenary Golden Body Siddhi allows one to regain life after going through great ordeals. Each time life is hanging by a thread, it would be the perfect time to cultivate it. In any case, I need to fight.” Though James had broken free of the third shackle, he still believed himself to be weak. He needed combat experience to train his body. But where on earth could he train?

Pensive, he sat on the ground and contemplated.

At that moment, footsteps could be heard approaching.

James lifted his head and saw a woman wearing a military uniform approaching him. “James.”

James stood up and looked at her, nodding slightly, “Is something the matter?”

It was Delainey

Wearing a solemn expression, Delainey walked over to her and said, “Something happened at the Heaven and Earth Sect.”

“Huh?” James froze and asked, “What happened?”

Delainey said, “A ferocious beast appeared on Mount Haven a week ago and injured many Heaven and Earth Sect disciples, forcing them to flee. Meanwhile, the beast has occupied the area.”

Upon hearing this, James was intrigued, “Is that so? How interesting. What kind of beast is this?”

“It’s an eagle about thirty meters long and twenty meters tall. Not only that, but it also speaks human language


James was stunned

Then, he took a deep breath

He thought that these beasts would only appear after the seal was undone. He never expected them to emerge only after a year

Is it strong James asked

Delainey nodded gomly Extremearly Though the Spirit Master of the Heaven and Earth Sect has long crossed into peak harth Star the entire wat combord stood no chance against the eagle Based on conservative estimates the beast seerga to be at the notan Curently, the Spit Master has on the ancient martial artists to help deal with it.”

Upon hearing this, James was eager to go. After all, he needed combat experience to train his body.

“I’ll go,” he said without hesitation. “Spread the word. No one else is allowed to head to Mount Haven. Leave everything to me.”


“Let’s get going, then.”

James had been in closed-door meditation for six months. It was time for him to go on a walk.

Meanwhile, Delainey posted a message on the forum for ancient martial artists.

[James of Dragonville has ordered everyone to stay away from Mount Haven. Leave the beast to him.]

Immediately, there was a commotion.

“Since James is dealing with the beast, everything should be fine.”

“Now, even an eagle that speaks human language has appeared. What will happen if the seal is undone?”

“Sigh. Chaos is about to descend upon us.”

Martial artists from all over the world discussed this issue on the forum anxiously. They were worried about the looming catastrophe that could be unleashed once the seal was broken. None of them could imagine what the state of affairs would be like.

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