The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1925

Chapter 1925

The Martial Arts Forum was established to facilitate exchanges between martial artists. As long as one’s identity as a martial artist was verified, one could enter the forum, converse with others, and even post messages.

Upon posting her message on the forum, Delainey’s words created a sensation.

James was held in high regard in Sol, widely acknowledged by all as the greatest. He had not shown up in the last six months, and many guessed that he had been in closed-door meditation.

“I wonder how strong James currently is now.”

“He had been in closed-door meditation for six months. Back then, when he appeared on Mount Bane, he was able to stand his ground against Juniper Waseem of the Void Sect. Perhaps his strength has surpassed that of hers.”

“We can’t be sure about that. Though James cultivated hard, Juniper won’t simply sit idly by. Don’t forget that she obtained two berries on that day at Mount Bane.”

They interacted on the forum.

James knew nothing about this.

After returning to Dragonville, he boarded a private plane and headed to Mount Haven. Soon, he arrived at the foot of the mountain where many people gathered. They were all in a pathetic state, and many were injured.

In the lead was the Spirit Master, an individual who had lived for two centuries and only showed up a few years ago. Though he had reached the peak of the Ninth Stair, he had yet to ascend to the ninth rank.

Apart from the disciples of the Heaven and Earth Sect, there were also other curious outsiders here to watch the show.

James and Delainey’s appearance immediately caused a commotion.

The Spirit Master walked over to them and greeted James respectfully. “Mr. Caden, you have arrived.” James waved slightly and asked, “How’s the situation on Mount Haven? When did the monster appear? Where does it come from?”

The Spirit Master said, “I don’t know either. The monster appeared a few days ago at the Heaven and Earth Sect, defeating my disciples and expelling us from our sect. Only a few beautiful female disciples. were allowed to stay. I’m worried about their safety ”

The Spirit Master spoke anxiously. He was surprised that the monster could speak.

“Mr. Caden, please save our sisters who were trapped in the sect!”

“Mr. Caden, we’ll leave everything to you.”

The other disciples of the Heaven and Earth Sect spoke.

Upon hearing this, James’ expression turned grim. Initially, he came here to train his physical body. He did not expect that the female disciples of the sect would be trapped inside. In that case, he would have to annihilate the monster and save them as soon as possible.

He waved slightly and said, “Rest at ease, I’ll definitely save them. Wait here for me while I go have a look”

Holding the Primordial Dragon Blade in his hand, he ascended Mount Haven, while Delainey followed

close behind.

James stopped and looked at her, saying, “Delainey, wait for my return.”

Delainey said, “James, I’ve crossed into the ninth rank. I can help you out.”

“No need.” James turned down her offer. He had no idea how powerful the monster would be. Besides, this monster was a lecherous being. Since Delainey was drop-dead gorgeous, the monster would definitely be attracted to her. Should he fail to annihilate the monster, she would be in deep trouble.

“Alright, then.”

Delainey did not push it.

James took a step forward and immediately appeared several meters away. Soon, he was at the foot of the mountain.

In the main hall of the Heaven and Earth Sect, many female disciples were weeping. Meanwhile, a man was sitting in the main seat. He looked human, but he had a pair of wings attached to his back. His nose was also like an eagle’s beak.

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