The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1929

Chapter 1929

The Black Eagle King no longer wished to engage in another battle with James. When James first appeared, he could easily injure him. Now, even if he used his full force, he could only leave a slight scratch on his body.

“No, no, I insist.”

James was eager to continue fighting.

He had only just begun. If they continued for another two weeks, his physical prowess would certainly reach the Supernatural stage. By then, even if he was faced against a Supernatural, he could use only his physical capabilities to emerge victorious.

“I’m really not fighting anymore.”

The Black Eagle King smiled bitterly and said, “Fine, I admit that I’m afraid of you. Don’t you want to chase me away from Mount Haven? I’ll be leaving this place at once.”

“In that case, let me ask you something. Answer me honestly if you know what’s best for you.”

“Ask away.”

As long as they would not resort to violence, the Black Eagle King was content to do anything.

He silently cursed James. The Black Eagle King had never seen anyone cultivate in such a way. His physical capabilities had increased drastically since they first encountered each other two weeks ago. What cultivation method was this? He was intrigued by James’ cultivation method.

James asked, “Where do you come from?”

The Black Eagle King said, “Mount Darkwind of the Overworld.”

“The Overworld?”

James froze.

The Black Eagle King nodded and said, “Yes, the place where Conrad Titus came from.”

James said, “Tell me more about the Overworld.”

The Black Eagle King nodded and said, “The Overworld is a world inside the seal. Make no mistake, the Overworld is also located on Earth.

However, it was sealed away. The Overworld is huge, maybe even larger than a hundred Earths combined. There are countless powerful martial artists and sects there. To my understanding, Conrad Titus is the Grand Priest of an influential sect there.

Though he possesses enormous strength, he isn’t the strongest among his peers. There are many whose strength far surpasses that of him. Besides…”

As he spoke, the Black Eagle King paused.

“Say it.”

“Understood.” He continued, “Although the seal has yet to be undone, a crevice has appeared that connects the Overworld with Earth. Living beings that do not possess great strength can travel through the crevice as they please. In a couple of months, Earth will be full of living beings from the Overworld.”

Then, he glanced at James.

“There are many monsters like me in the Overworld. However, unlike my kind-hearted personality, they would kill without batting an eyelid. You earthlings should brace yourselves. Otherwise, you might be annihilated any minute.”

Hearing this, James’ expression turned grim.

The Black Eagle King smiled and said, “There’s no need to worry since the seal is still intact. The seal’s power is great, and it can prevent those who possess enormous power from appearing on Earth. The most powerful ones that can traverse through the crevice are at most at the Herculean level. Besides, even for the Herculeans, making the arduous journey to Earth requires them to pay a hefty price.”

“Herculeans, huh?” James murmured.

To his understanding, the Herculean level was the highest known realm. He could only become a Herculean after crossing into the Supernatural stage. Cultivation was never-ending. There must be more stages beyond the Herculean level. However, as he was currently still too weak, he could not interact with any of these stages.

After the brief conversation, James knew more about the affairs of the Overworld. He only learned that cultivators and monsters from the Overworld would soon descend on Earth.

This, however, was before the seal was even undone. Once the seal was broken, every passage to the Sealed Realms would be opened. What kind of world awaited them?

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