The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 193

Chapter 193 Henry continued watching the crowd.

House of Royals, Living room.

Lex continuously greeted the bigwigs that showed up at his birthday party.

“From the North Cansington Military Region, Chase Nolan has arrived and presented a gift of premium tobacco and alcohol.”

A voice sounded in the living room.

It was an announcement that shocked everyone present.

The living room filled with hundreds of people fell into silence instantly, and everyone turned toward the door.

Two people walked through the door.

Both of them were dressed in uniforms. The one walking ahead was a middle-aged man in his fifties, who wore a military cap and had a shiny star medal on his shoulder.

The person who followed behind him was evidently not someone of a low military rank “He’s here. He’s here! My uncle has arrived with the general,” Brody exclaimed.

He immediately approached Chase Nolan and straightened himself to give a formal military salute. “Sir! I’m the deputy captain of Noth Cansington’s specialized police unit, Brody Coleman!”


Chase nodded lightly and acknowledged him.

The man behind him patted Brody on the shoulder and said with a smile, “Not bad, young man. You’ve curried favor with the Callahans and made us Colemans proud. You’ve got a bright future.”

Brody was confused.

Curry favor with the Callahans?’ Chase approached Lex with a smile, stretched out his hand, and greeted, “Mr. Callahan.” Lex handed his cane to Wendy, who stood beside him and shook Chase’s hand with both hands. He almost shed tears in excitement. “G-General Nolan, it’s an honor for me to have you here. Please have a seat!”

“Mr. Callahan, you’re too polite.”

Everyone took notice of this subtle action.

They were incredibly envious of this moment.

‘The Callahans managed to invite a general?’

Although he was a general in North Cansington, being acquainted with a general meant that the Callahans’ status was sure to rise above others.

Brody smiled proudly. Wendy immediately approached Brody and took his hand, enjoying the envious glances cast toward thern.

Each and every family member of the Callahans stood with their heads held high.

At this moment, they were so proud.

Meanwhile, Gladys felt embarrassed. She glanced at Thea beside her and sighed.

The good son-in-law was not theirs.

Brody was influential and was capable of getting permission for Lex to hold his birthday at the House of Royals and invited a general to put on such a fancy show in front of everyone.

Her son-in-law, however?

She was furious just thinking of James. Thea was aware of what was on Gladys’ mind. She simply smiled awkwardly and said, “Mum, I’ll surely make you proud in the future.”

The atmosphere of the birthday party was pushed to a new climax with the arrival of Chase. Unexpectedly, the announcement voice sounded again. “Ms. Scarlett Brooks, the chairman of the Transgenerational Group, has arrived!

Everyone held their breath as the announcement sounded.

“S-Scarlett?” “The chairman of Transgenerational Group, Scarlett? The mysterious person that bought the ransgenerational Group?”

All eyes were glued on the door. A beautiful woman dressed in a blue dress with a charismatic aura walked in, followed by another person behind her.

It was Xara.

“Huh? Gladys, Thea, and David were taken aback to see Xara follow behind Scarlett.

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