The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1934

Chapter 1934

Tve heard that during this time, you’ve been keeping an eye on James. What are you up to?”

Maxine cast a glance at him and said, “You don’t have to worry about that.”

Sky looked at her with deep affection. “Where do I fall short of James?”

“In every respect.” Maxine finished her sentence, walked around Sky, and then left, soon disappearing from Sky’s view.

Sky’s face gradually turned solemn.

At this point, James had already returned to Dragonville in the Southern Plains.

Dragonville was rapidly developing.

Quincy had brought a large amount of money to Dragonville. With her assistance, Dragonville was rapidly growing. In less than ten years, a country truly for humanity would be established.

As for other things, they were managed by other people. There was Henry, the Elite Eight at the Dragon Palace’s upper management, Blake Davis, and others.

James did not have to worry about Dragonville for the time being, so he arrived at Mt. Thunder Pass once again. This time, he brought the Black Eagle King as well.

He had an idea to cultivate with the Black Eagle King’s help.

James expressed his intention, and the Black Eagle King was instantly displeased.

“Mr. James, I didn’t follow you to become your training partner. I chose to follow you because I wanted to grow stronger and have more opportunities. If you want me to be your training partner, that’s fine. You should at the very least teach me the cultivation method you’ve learned, don’t you think?”

James’ cultivation method caught the Black Eagle King’s attention.

“I can’t do that.” James refused, saying, “I don’t trust you yet, since you’re from another world. You’re an enemy of the human race on Earth. After you’ve followed me for a while and I completely trust you, only then will I teach you.”

James’ cultivation method was obtained from the Earth’s Chamber of Scriptures. It was an unrivaled secret body refinement technique. How could he just pass it on so easily?

“For how long?” With a darkened face, the Black Eagle King said. “You’re not planning on having me follow you for thousands of years before passing it on to me, are you?”

James gave a small wave of his hand and said, “It won’t take that long. About three to five years. That’s probably enough.”

Given that he was only in his thirties, thousands of years seemed far too long for James. Three to five years, from his perspective, was a sufficient amount of time.

When he heard that, the Black Eagle King breathed a sigh of relief.

“Well, fine then. I’ll just be there to help you with your practice, right? I’m terrible at everything, but I make a good training partner,” the Black Eagle King agreed with a smile.

After hearing this from the Black Eagle King, James was also relieved.

With a monster who was almost at the Supernatural rank as a training partner, he believed his physical strength would soon reach a level that could compete with Supernaturals.

At that point, not even a Supernatural could do anything to him, even if he relied solely on his physical strength.

James was once again cultivating at Mt. Thunder Pass.

Maxine, on the other hand, had arrived at Cansington in Sol in a hurry. When she appeared in Cansington, it was already nighttime.

She stood at the top of a fifty-story building, looking out over the entire Cansington.

The breeze was blowing through her hair, tossing it about. On her beautiful and alluring face, there was a hint of melancholy.

“James, you forced me to do this. I’ve arrived at this point all because of you.”

Then, she leaped into the air and flew toward the Callahans’ villa in the distance. Not long after, she arrived outside the Callahans’ villa.

Right now, the Callahans were a truly prominent family. Guards were stationed around the villa’s perimeter.

As soon as Maxine appeared, she drew the attention of several guards. Some guards immediately approached with their weapons and blocked Maxine’s path.

‘Who’s there?”

Looking at the guards that were standing in her way, Maxine said casually,” Maxine Caden, from the Floret Palace.”

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