The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1944

Chapter 1944

The people on the list included the Omniscient Deity, the Prince of Orchid Mountain, Tyrus, James, and Thea.

After reviewing the information, the man in the cyan robe replied, “Alright. I’ll slowly get rid of them. Since I’m here, I should take a good look at Earth.”

James was unaware that another formidable person from the Overworld had come to Earth.

Compared to Conrad, this person was far more terrifying. So much so that even Conrad was compelled to address him respectfully out of fear and trepidation

At that moment, James arrived in Cansington.

He did not return to the Callahans villa immediately after his arrival.

Instead, he headed to Cynthia’s house

He temporarily stayed at her place and did not contact Maxine

James waited for updates from Henry and the Omniscient Deity.

Three days later, the Omniscient Deity appeared in Cansington.

“Lord Omniscient, how is it? Do you have any news on Winnie’s whereabouts?”

James inquired impatiently.

The Omniscient Deity shook his head slightly and said, “I sent someone to investigate but they were unable to trace Winnie’s whereabouts. I don’t know where she is and won’t be able to assist you with this matter.”

Hearing this, James was stunned.

“He couldn’t find her?

‘What should I do now?

‘Do I really have to concede to Maxine’s demands and marry all three women?

Meanwhile, Maxine had kept track of James’ movements.

She was aware James had gone to Mount Tai but did not know his reason for going there.

On top of that, she even knew James had visited Mount Jade and roughly guessed that it was to get Mount Jade’s assistance in locating his daughter.

At that moment, Maxine listened to her subordinate’s report in a villa in Cansington.

A faint smile formed on her face.

She took out her phone and called James.

Soon, the call went through.

“It’s been a few days, James. Have you made your decision yet? I’ll give you another day, and if you refuse my offer, you can wait to collect Winnie’s dead body. Don’t think it’s just an empty threat. I’ll stay true to my word.”

Just when James was about to respond, Maxine hung up the call

The Omniscient Deity looked at him and asked, “Was that Maxine?”

“Yeah.” James looked solemn.

The Omniscient Deity asked, “What did Maxine ask you to do?”

James glanced at Tiara and Cynthia sitting to the side. After briefly hesitating, he replied, “She wants me to marry three women at once.”

Taken aback, the Omniscient Deity said, I’m sorry for disturbing you. I’ll take my leave right away”

“Lord Omniscient.” James shouted.

However, the Omniscient Deity had already turned around and left.

James sat down on the sofa and gently massaged his temples.

What should I do?

Do I really have to concede to Maxine?

James agonized for a while before taking out his phone to call Maxine.

“Maxine, I agree to your demands. But first, you need to show Winnie to me.”

“That’s out of the question. I told you, I’ll return the child to you after three years of marriage. If you agree to my terms, I won’t hurt her and will care for her as if she were my own child,” Maxine immediately shot James down.

“Is there no room for negotiation?” asked James.


Maxine said firmly, “Since you’ve agreed, then this matter is settled. You won’t have to worry about the rest. I’ll announce to the world that the wedding will be held in Floret Palace.

“Congratulations. You’ll be marrying three beauties at once.

“You’ll be the happiest man in this world.”

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