The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1946

Chapter 1946

Just as James was thinking about it, he received a call from Maxine

“Get ready I’ll send someone to send you, Cynthia, and Tiara to Floret Palace.”

After Maxine finished speaking, she hung up the phone without giving James a chance to get a word in.

James had an exasperated expression. Now that things had come to this, he could only proceed with things a single step at a time.

However, he refused to give up.

He called Delainey and asked her to use Mount Thunder Sect’s connections to locate Winnie.

Soon, people from Maxine’s sect arrived.

James complied and went without a fuss.

The Floret Palace disciples led the three into a vehicle and drove them to the airport. There, they boarded a plane and headed to the city where the Floret Palace was located.

Floret Palace was a sect founded by Maxine within the borders of Sol

It was located atop a mountain range. One of the mountains towered into the sky, and a majestic building was built on its peak.

After reaching Floret Palace, James was escorted to a room in the building’s yard.

The environment had an elegant ambiance. There were chirping birds amongst many sweet-smelling flowers.

James’ initial worry and anxiety gradually dissipated.

He surmised that Maxine would never hurt Winnie.

Maxine had feelings for him and confessed them to him a few years ago.

Unfortunately, her feelings were not reciprocated. So, she resorted to kidnapping Winnie and attempting to kill Thea. However, she could not trace Thea’s whereabouts, so she changed her mind.

“Maxine loves me and genuinely wants to marry me, so I don’t think she’d hurt my child… But why is she dragging Cynthia and Tiara into this? My last hope is that Maxine will spill information about Winnie during the wedding night when she’s less cautious towards me,” James murmured pensively.

He temporarily stayed within Floret Palace.

Meanwhile, the news about the wedding had spread, and martial artists from around the world traveled to Floret Palace.

There was one more day until the wedding reception.

Almost all martial artists from across the globe had arrived.

James sat in Floret Palace’s backyard the night before the wedding reception and stared into the starry sky absently.

Click Clack! Click Clack!

The sound of high heels approaching resounded.

Hearing the sound, James turned around.

A beautiful woman walked toward him.

She wore a red dress and had long black hair. Her facial features were exquisite, and she had a

glamorous appearance. She walked slowly and eventually appeared beside James, sitting on the wooden chair next to him.

James looked at Maxine

James remained calm and asked coldly, “Maxine, I only need to know Winnie’s whereabouts.”

Maxine glanced at James, got up, and sat on his lap. She stretched out her slender fingers and pulled his chin closer, staring into his eyes.

“I told you I’ll return Winnie to you after we’ve been married for three years. Don’t worry. I’ll treat her well during this time and ensure she doesn’t face any hardships. Also, you shouldn’t waste time sending people to look for her. It’s impossible to find her

Maxine had a seductive voice

Sitting on James’ lap, she snuggled into his chest and wrapped her arms around him, leaning her head on his shoulder.

“You should know how much I’ve done for you, James. Over the years, I’ve provided you with so much help and solved countless problems for you. I’ve hinted at you so many times that I don’t care how many women you have by your side. Yet, you pretended not to hear me every time.”

James gently pushed Maxine away.

Maxine stood up, looked at James, and smiled. “We’ll be married tomorrow Martial artists from all over the world have gathered in Floret Palace. They will be here to witness your marriage to three beautiful women.

“It’s every man’s dream, and you should be happy. So why are you making such a face?”

James took a deep breath and said, “If you don’t tell me Winnie’s whereabouts, it won’t matter if you to force me to marry you. You can have me physically but you’ll never have my heart.”

“Haha.” Maxine chuckled softly.

“Why does it feel so strange to hear you say such a thing? Anyway, I don’t believe you can resist the temptation of three gorgeous women.”

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