The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 195

Chapter 195 Lex looked at Brody. Brody stood up and said, “Uncle, didn’t I call you yesterday about getting beaten up by the Xenoses?”

York nodded. “Yeah? I think that happened.”

Brody did call him yesterday, but he was busy with some business and did not have to take care of such trivial masters, so he casually brushed it off. “Yeah. Then, Mr. Watson showed up with the perpetrators to ask for forgiveness and allowed us to use the House of Royals to organize the birthday party.” “Huh?”

Scarlett looked at Gavin.

Gavin was also confused.

‘What’s going on here?’ He asked for forgiveness because the president called him, saying the general was angry.

Since Chase was the only general present, he naturally assumed it was his doing.

‘Was I wrong?’

Scarlett’s face darkened, and she glared at the bright decorations around the House of Royals. She glanced at Lex and uttered word by word, “I’ll treat it as if you’ve rented this place from me, Lex. It will cost thirty billion for one day. I’ll personally visit the Callahans to collect the money.”

Scarlett turned around and left after finishing her words.

Xara followed behind Scarlett without saying anything.

Lex’s legs went rubbery, and he dropped to the floor. The Callahans immediately rushed to support him.

Outside the House of Royals, James watched the scene through the surveillance footage and could not suppress his laughter. “This Scarlett is very talented in acting. It’s a shame for her not to be an actress.”

Henry was speechless.

This couple caused so much drama because of a little misunderstanding between them.

House of Royals.

Lex was supported to his feet.

“M-Ms. Scarlett, what is the meaning of this?” Lex hurriedly called out to Scarlett, who was leaving. She stopped and turned around to see Lex covered in sweat. She replied indifferently, “The House of Royals belongs to me. How dare you ask me what’s the meaning of this when you’re holding an unauthorized birthday in my villa? Since you’ve already gone ahead with it, I’ll let it slide and treat it as renting the place to you. I already told you it’ll be thirty billion per day.” Lex fainted after hearing the number. Fortunately, the Callashans hurriedly supported him. Otherwise, he would have fallen to the floor again “Grandpa, Grandpa!” The Callahans quickly shook Lex. Lex regained consciousness and glanced at Brody with hopefulness on his face. “Brody, say something. Aren’t you the one who settled this?”


Brody was also puzzled and cast his gaze toward York

“Uncle, aren’t you the one who asked General Nolan for permission?”

Chase denied sternly. “What does this have to do with me?”

“Uncle, I invited you to the party, and you agreed to come with the general, right?” Brody asked anxiously.

“Y-you invited me?”

Yoke’s face darkened, and he replied, “I received an order from above to come here and show my face.”


Brody’s face turned pale upon hearing his reply.

Meanwhile, the bigshots from Cansington watched them, curious about what would happen next.

Ajoyous birthday party turned into such an embarrassing situation.

What puzzled everyone was how the Callahans managed to enter the House of Royals without permission from Scarlett.


“What’s going on?” Gladys stood up and asked Xara, who was standing beside Scarlett.

“Ms. Brooks owns the House of Royals. You didn’t seek her permission and organized an event in her villa. Of course Ms. Brooks will ask for compensation. You guys better be ready to pay up. It’s not much, just thirty billion dollars. Well, it’s not that Ms. Brooks needs the money, but she’ll definitely need to clean up the House of Royals after you all dirtied it, right?”

Lex glanced at Gladys and asked Gladys, “Do you know her?” “She… She’s my niece,” said Gladys.

Hearing this, Lex grabbed Gladys as if she was his life-saving straw. He said, “Gladys, you need to help me this time. How are the Callahans going to come up with thirty billion?”

Gladys glanced at Xara and asked, “What’s your relationship with Ms. Brooks, Xara?”

“Ms. Brooks recognized my talents and hired me to work in the Transgenerational Group. I can’t really do anything to help.”

All the members of the Callahans rushed over and shouted, “Grandpa, this is bad! There’s an army outside. The B-Blithe King is here!”

Soon, a man wearing a military uniform with five stars on his shoulders walked into the venue.

He approached Scarlett and nodded. Then, he looked at Yoke, who was standing aside, and ordered, “Detain Yoke and send him to military court! He will be punished according to the law!”

Yoke almost passed out after hearing the order.

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