The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1957

Chapter 1957

Xain was eager to learn James’ cultivation method.

He knew the Earth’s ancestors had raised many powerful men that have left behind top-tier martial art skills. He suspected that James had acquired one of them.

James wore a serious expression.

He had not made up his mind yet.

Seeing James’ hesitation, Xain said, “Don’t worry. I’ll definitely keep my word. After you give me the cultivation method, I’ll guarantee your safety from this point on. I’ll ensure your survival even after the Earth’s seal is open.”

While Xain was trying to convince James, James was thinking about whether he could kill Xain with his signature martial art skill instead of having to bear the consequences of teaching him the cultivation method.

Xain was ridiculously strong.

If Xain were to suspect his intentions even the slightest bit, his plan would fail.

To successfully kill Xain, he would have to completely catch him off guard.

Xain would surely defend himself if James were to recklessly cast Cosmic Destruction.

James racked his brains to devise a plan to get Xain to completely drop his guard.

After thinking for a while, he looked at Xain and took a deep breath. Then, he said, “The cultivation method improves my physical state. It can temper my body and make it stronger. However, the cultivation method is brutal as it requires one’s body to undergo destruction to be reborn, allowing one to break through in battle.”

James parted his lips and uttered softly.

“In addition, I’ve also practiced another signature martial skill, which allows me to cultivate two types of True Energy with different attributes.”

James raised his hand while explaining.

Lunar Energy and Terra Energy gathered in his left and right hands respectively.

Xain was astonished by the two bursts of energy that had appeared in James’ palms


According to what he knew, a person could only cultivate one kind of True Energy, and it was impossible for one to be compatible with two different types of True Energy. Yet, he was witnessing a martial artist from Earth wielding two kinds of True Energies simultaneously

His eyes filled with excitement.

“I want it! I want both of the techniques! Teach it to me quickly After you teach me, you’ll be a Sacerdotal Sect member I assure you that no one will dare interfere with you from here on ”

Xam became increasingly envious of James’ cultivation method.

James nodded lightly and said. “Alright I’ll show you the first signature martial art skill Eve acquired. You should watch carefully”

Xain fixed his eyes and watched intently

James raised his hand, and two True Energies of different aspects materialized.

The two True Energies drew closer to each other and gradually fused together.


The merging of the True Energies let off a crackling sound.

Once they fused, the energy began to transfpr..

Terra and Luna alternated, Heaven and Earth merged, and Yin and Yang concentrated together to form an unprecedented power

The True Energy in James’ body was constantly sucked out and consumed instantly

After the fusion, the strength of the energy was monstrous. Even James, the caster, could barely control it. Cuts formed on his body, and blood oozed out of them.

“S-Such strong energy!”

Xain stared at the concentrated True Energy that had fused in James’ palms.

The power coming from the True Energy ball made him tremble in disbelief

James was not a Supernatural, yet he could summon such tremendous power.

If he were to learn it, he would be invincible on Earth once the seal opened.

Conrad was also shocked.

The True Energy ball in James’ hand emitted a destructive aura, distorting the sight of their surroundings.

A strong magnetic field formed around James’ body.

The martial artists that fled previously were gathered at the mountain’s foot. After leaving Floret Palace, they did not disperse but chose to stay at the base of the mountain and waited for half a day.

“What insane energy!”

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