The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1958

Chapter 1958

“What’s going on? Why is there such a powerful energy?”

Everyone sensed the unbounded energy coming from the mountaintop and felt a sense of foreboding. Creak!

The mountain where Floret Palace was located showed signs of crumbling because of the sheer pressure from the energy, and the people at the mountain foot began to panick.

“This is bad! Run!”

They frantically fled.

James had fused the two True Energies on the mountaintop together and formed a brand new force. He tried his best to control it, but it was too large and too strong for him to manage..

He could hardly control the enormous force.

“Haha!” Xain let out a maniacal laugh.

The energy was powerful!

Its strength was overwhelming!

A martial artist who had not become a Supernatural could use the powerful skill not just to multiply his strength by several times.

“Amazing! This is amazing! Hurry and tell me what this move is called, James.”

His body trembled from trepidation.

Conrad and the other Sacerdotal Sect disciples felt a vigorous energy permeating the air. They could not withstand the energy and were forced to back away.

James stood in the ruins. He raised his hand, and a True Energy sphere the size of a basketball appeared. The True Energy ball shone with a dazzling light.

He looked at the excited Xain and said in a strained voice, “Listen carefully. This move is called Cosmic Destruction.”

“Good, good! This Cosmic Destruction is impressive! That’s enough. I’ve already witnessed this skill’s strength, so you can dispel it now. I can sense that your True Energy isn’t powerful, and forcing yourself to to use this technique will result in destructive damage to your body. You’re invaluable to me right now. I don’t want you to die like this.”

Xain parted his lips and stopped James. He could hear James panting and knew James had exhausted all his strength to perform the move He never thought that James would use it to attack him.

Although the move was strong, Xain knew it was not enough to kill him.

He had reached the Supernatural Consummation, so it was not enough to inflict fatal damage

At that moment, James suddenly threw it at him.

The True Energy ball shot out in Xain’s direction.

Xain immediately sensed the danger, and his face darkened “You bastard! You must have a death wish”

After he cursed, he quickly dodged.

However, he was too late.

The distance between him and James was too close. James’ surprise attack shot out quickly. It appeared before him in the blink of an eye and exploded.

Xain was caught up in the terrifying shock wave from the explosion.


The mountaintop where Floret Palace was located exploded instantly.

The explosion’s aftermath caused a shock wave, rippling through the air like water

The shock wave destroyed everything in its path.

Many of those at the base of the mountain quickly fled.

Although they sensed the danger in advance and fled, the destructive power of the shock wave was tremendous, and the explosion caused mass destruction.

Some people who were caught up in the explosion’s shock wave were disintigrated instantly.

Sometime after the explosion, dust finally began to settle in the surroundings.

A group of martial artists stopped in a mountain far from the Floret Palace. They looked aghast at the fallen mountain in the distance.

“What destructive energy!”

“What happened?”

“James is still on the mountaintop. Since the area got destroyed, does this mean James….

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