The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1967

Chapter 1967

James detected the commotion in the palace and was furious.

He walked toward the palace angrily.

Dozens of corpses lay on the ground of the courtyard outside the palace house.

These people were stabbed in the heart and killed with a single strike

Meanwhile, Henry, Delainey, Quincy, the Blithe King, and the others looked at Yechiel’s group with morose expressions.

At that moment, Yechiel’s gaze was fixated on Quincy as he ogled her shamelessly. He looked at her voluptuous figure with satisfaction.

“Attractive and mesmerizing. I think I’ll enjoy you first.”

Yechiel walked over and lifted Quincy’s chin.

Quincy wanted to resist, but her acupoints were sealed so she could not move.

What do you want, bastard?” she hissed at him.


Yechiel swung his hand at her

“Didn’t you ask me to take it out on you, b*tch? Do you think I won’t hit you just because you’re a woman?

To me, earthlings are nothing but garbage. You’re simply a plaything for me to kill time with.”

A red palm print appeared on Quincy’s face, and blood trickled from her lips.

At that moment, a person dressed in black approached from a distance.

His face was stony as he walked over, and a black aura emanated from his body.

Yechiel’s men immediately sensed the aura as he appeared.

The three turned to the approaching figure simultaneously.

“Who’s that person? His aura is insane.”

“That’s an extremely malevolent aura.”

“Did this person practice some sort of Demonic Art?”

The three of them were frozen.

Even Henry and the others were dumbfounded when they saw James approaching

“J-James ”

“James It’s James

“How’s this possible”

They remained where they were with their eyes glued on hum

Everyone knew that James had died three years ago He used his signature martis art skill and mortally wounded Xam The power of the ski was so string he perished along with his final how without se kong bur behind

After Xain was locked up, the Earth’s martial artists dug out Floret Palace’s wreck but only found the Primordial Dragon Blade and Crucifier. James’ remains were nowhere to be found.

When they saw a person that looked exactly like James appear, it was no wonder that they would be taken aback.

James walked over slowly

His face was sinister, and Demonic Energy emanated from his body. The Demonic Lotus that reconstituted his body was also the source of his terrifying Demonic Energy. His presence alone made others feel restless and fearful of him.

After his initial reaction, Yechiel quickly gathered himself. He looked at James and took a few steps forward. Staring at James, he said coldly, “Who are you, brat? Don’t be stupid and stay out of Sword Sect’s affairs. Get lost.”

Yechiel could sense James’ terrifying aura and knew he was a formidable foe.

Thus, he deliberately announced the identity of his sect to scare James away.

James walked toward him.

He looked at the dozens of corpses lying on the ground. Then, he looked at Henry and Quincy’s red. swollen faces. Immediately, a bizarre red glow appeared in his eyes.

His heart was boiling with rage, but he remained sane.

He knew people from the Overworld were far from pushovers. To add to that, he did not know anything about Yechiel or his cultivation rank.

In the past, James would have attempted to settle it peacefully.

However, these enemies were harassing and killing his people.

Blood shall be repaid with blood.

“Sword Sect?”

James smiled coldly.

“Stop with that act, punk.”

One of the Sword Sect’s disciples drew his sword instantly. He immediately appeared in front of James and thrust his long sword at James’ vital points.

The ones that could pass through the seal to earth were extraordinary.

Even though he was a low-ranked disciple of the Sword Sect, he had already become a Supernatural.

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