The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 198

Chapter 198 James drove his electric motorcycle to the Callahans’ villa.

As soon as he entered the house, he saw the antiques and paintings scattered on the floor.

Lex sat on the sofa and smoked his tobacco. Apart from a few core members that were seated, everyone else was standing.

James walked in and pretended to be surprised. “Oh? I thought you were having your eightieth birthday in the House of Royals? Why’re you all at home? What’s going on?”

He saw Wendy sitting on the sofa while crying. “What’s the matter, Wendy? Where’s your deputy captain husband, Brody? Why don’t I see him here?”

James said and deliberately looked around.

The Callahans had very ugly-looking expressions.

They were extremely provoked by James. However, they required James’ help and could not scold him. Tommy uttered softly, “James, don’t you have an unusual relationship with Xara? Since she’s working for Ms. Brooks now, could you get her to ask Ms. Brooks to forgive the Callahans?”.


James walked over and sat down beside Thea.

Thea moved away and kept a certain distance from him.

“What happened?” James asked while pretending to be confused. He glanced at the family members

However, everyone remained silent.

“How am I supposed to help if you guys aren’t telling me what’s the problem? Tell me, Thea?”

Thea looked at James and explained, “Today at the House of Royals…” She told him everything that happened in the House of Royals. “Haha!” James laughed out loud. “You guys were boasting about some general’s secretary and deputy captain of some specialized police unit. I can’t believe I really jinxed them! They’re really going to get kicked out of the military. It serves them right! This is karma!”

Everyone had very dissatisfied expressions.

Howard said indifferently, “You’re also part of our family, James. How could you be fueling the flames right now?”

“So what if I want to fuel the flames? You can’t stand me? Alright, I’ll leave.”

James stood up and was about to leave. Thea suddenly tugged him and pleaded pitifully, “James, please help. I’m begging you.”

James looked at Thea and said, “Thea, your cousin and I really are innocent. It wasn’t what it looked like. I only love you. I’ll die for you if that’s what you ask of me. Why don’t you believe me?”

James never had a chance to explain.

Now, he finally earned an opportunity. “1-1 believe you. Now, could you help the Callahans get out of this mess?” “You still don’t believe me, Thea. I’ve already said that I have nothing to do with Xara. It’s you guys who should take responsibility for the mess. How is an outsider like me going to get you all out of this mess?” James said with a righteous expression.

James was telling the truth. However, it looked as if he was acting stupid to ask for more benefits in the Callahans’ eyes. “State your conditions. I can give you anything as long as it’s not something outrageous.” Lex asked indifferently.

“How about ten million?” Howard asked.

James shrugged. ‘Ten million?

‘Do they think I’m short of money?’

The entire Transgenerational Group that was worth trillions belonged to him.

Plus, if he wanted money, he could simply make a trip to the Southern Plains and have hundreds of billions when he returned.

The whole family looked at James coldly.

“Is ten million not enough? How about one hundred million? 1 promise to give you one hundred million dollars if you resolve this matter and get the Callahans through this crisis.”

Thea also glanced at James expectantly. James felt a tug in his heart just by seeing her tearful expression.

He sat down and reached out to hold Thea’s hand. However, she instinctively avoided him. James was embarrassed as he glanced at Thea. He said, “Thea, you still don’t believe me. Your whole family doesn’t believe me. Do you think I really need money? I just want to prove my innocence to you, but you simply refuse to trust me. This mess wouldn’t have happened if you guys just trusted me.”

“What you’re trying to say is that the Callahans are suffering because we didn’t believe in you? Are you the one responsible for this?”

“Yeah, you’re right.” James crossed his legs and lit a cigarette.

“I told you from the start that I’ve sorted out everything. I’m the one that made the phone call to get Gavin to come to apologize, yet you all foolishly believed that Brody. I told you they’d be packing up and leaving the inilitary region. Did you think I was bluffing?”

The family members exchanged looks with one another.

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