The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 199

Chapter 199 Everyone was shocked by James’ words. How did the live-in son-in-law have such influence? How was he able to get the Blithe King to appear in person?

After being stunned for a while, they immediately made sense of the situation. James was using the opportunity to act as if he was really powerful after the incident. Who in Cansington was capable of getting the Blithe king to show up in person? Lex took a deep breath and said, “James, regardless of what happened, you’re part of the Callahans now. You can’t just watch us go down in the fire, right?” James raised his voice. “Didn’t you want to expel me from the Callahans? Didn’t you want Thea to divorce me?”

“N-not anymore.

“You won’t be divorced. You’re still part of our family.”

The family members began to try and persuade James.

“Thea, what do you say?” Lex glanced at Thea and asked.

Thea thought for a while and said, “As long as you can solve the current crisis of the Callahans, I’ll give you another chance.” James glanced at Gladys, “What do you think, Moin?”

Gladys said promptly, “No more divorce. We won’t talk about divorce again. I won’t forgive anyone who dares to talk about divorce in the future.”

James was very satisfied.

Nothing would have happened if they had listened to him from the start. He glanced at Thea and instructed, “Give Xara a call, Thea.” “Me?”

Thea was taken aback.

“Of course, it has to be you. She’s your cousin, and you misunderstood her. The least you can do is personally apologize to her. She might agree to help plead with Ms. Brooks if you apologize. You guys already know that she’s the person working for Ms. Brooks now. Ms. Brooke is the owner of the Transgenerational Group. What’s thirty billion to her?” Thea thought about it for a while. ‘Could I have really misunderstood James and Xara? ‘It does seem reasonable. ‘The two of them have only met for a day. How could they hook up with each other so quickly? “! I’ll try.”

She took out her phone and called Xara. “X Xara. It’s me, Thea.” “Oh, Thea? I’m a little bit busy. Is there something I can help you with?”

“I misunderstood you and James, and we acknowledge our mistake. We will book a table in the Gourmand to apologize to you in person.” “I’ve already told you, Thea. There’s nothing between James and me. Am I really a person with no shame?”

Xara’s voice sounded through the phone.

“I…I believe you. One more thing. Could you possibly invite Ms. Brooks to come too? What happened today is our fault, and we want to apologize to her in person.” “Is that so? I’ll try to ask her about it. Ms. Brooks has a very tight schedule and is very busy. I’m not sure if she’ll be able to make time.”

“Thank you. Thank you so much.”

“I’ll call back later.”

Xara hung up the phone.

The Callahans were relieved to hear the conversation on the phone. From their perspective, the matter would be solved as long as Xara helped sort it out since Scarlett was not one short of money, and 30 billion was just loose change to her. “I really appreciate you, Thea.” A smile finally appeared on Lex’s face. Gladys raised her eyebrow and said proudly, “Xara is from the Hills. She’s even working in the Transgenerational Group. With one word from her, the Callahans could get into the commercial city easily.” “You’re right, Gladys.”

“We all owe one to Xara.”

The whole family tried to flatter and please Gladys. James said indifferently, “Don’t celebrate too early. You guys organized a birthday party in the House of Royals without permission. Ms. Brooks is probably furious, and getting her forgiveness won’t be easy.”

Thea glanced at James after he brought up the House of Royals. “Does the House of Royals belong to Scarlett?”

“Oh, it should be.”

“Then, how did you manage to bring me into the House of Royals for ten days? What’s your relationship with Scarlett? Did you arrange for Xara to work in the Transgenerational Group.

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