The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 20

Chapter 20

“Oh, what about grandfather? We could still talk to him!”

Thea, who was still crying, came to a sudden realization.She tugged on James’

arm, saying, “Let’s talk to grandfather! He loved me the most when I was young.He would never cast me out.We can beg him to take me in!”

She grabbed James, pulling him behind her.

Looking at Thea’s tearful face, James’ heart twinged.

He said, “Calm down.Let’s go to the villa now and speak to him.”

“Yes.Let’s go now.”

Thea had just escaped Trent’s clutches.

Coupled with being cast out of the family, she was at risk of having a mental breakdown.

Foolishly, she thought that she would be welcomed into the family again after talking to Lex at their villa.

However, he was the one who cast her out in the first place.

James had no choice.He had to calm Thea down and ensure her emotions were stable before deciding what to do next.He did not want to take her hope away,

so he brought her to the villa.

Soon, they reached the entrance of the villa.

Thea rang the doorbell and started pacing anxiously.

The door opened after a while.

It was Tommy, Howard’s son.

As soon as he saw Thea, he started yelling, “Thea Callahan, you jinx! You’re still alive? What are you doing, coming back here?”


James slapped Tommy.

When Thea’s mom was scolding her, James restrained himself out of respect as she was an elder.

However, Tommy was in no position to rebuke Thea. James’ slap was powerful, causing his face to redden immediately.He even spun around in a circle before falling to the ground. Tommy lost his senses for a few seconds.His ears started buzzing. A few seconds later, he collected himself and reacted. Getting up and pointing at James, he shouted, “How dare you hit me? I’ll kill you!” Tommy raised his fist, ready to hit James. “What’s this?”

Lex approached, leaning on his cane.He was wearing a blue suit.

Sternly, he said, “Why are you causing such a ruckus? Is there no order in the house anymore?”

Tommy looked chagrined, grumbling, “Grandfather, James hit me.How dare he?

After all, this is our home!”

On the other hand, Thea fell to her knees, a pleading expression on her face.

“Grandfather, please don’t cast me out.”

“You brat.”

Lex fumed when he saw Thea.It was because of her the entire family was almost wiped out.He raised his cane with the dragon head, about to strike her with it.

At the last second, he held back.

Pointing outside, he roared, “Thea, you’ve been cast out of the family.You’re no longer a Callahan.Leave! I never want to see you again!” Lex’s words were a shock to Thea.Thea crumpled on the floor, her eyes welling with tears.

James helped her up and guided her away.

Thea was in a state of shock.

After they left the villa, she looked at James, starting to cry again.She felt like she was the unluckiest woman in the world.

James hugged her in an attempt to console her.

“Don’t cry.If you want to go home, I’ll come up with something.I promise that your family will be begging for your return before the end of the day.”

“Ah, my life is terrible!” Thea cried.

Over the past ten years, she had been humiliated and ridiculed, but not once did she cry.

All her repressed emotions came bubbling to the surface all at once.

Henry was following them at a distance.

James gave him a look and he brought the car over.

James helped a heartbroken Thea into the car.

They did not return to the House of Royals, but to Nine Dragons Street where Common Clinic was.

Once Thea exhausted herself from crying, she fell asleep on the bed.

James went outside and called Alex.
“Alex, it’s me.”
“ah, Dragon…Mister Caden.”
Alex shivered in fear as he answered

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