The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 200

Chapter 200 ”Yes.”

James did not deny it and boasted, “Scarlett’s House of Royal belongs to me, and I can go if I want. I also arranged for Xara to work in the Transgenerational Group. Scarlett will listen to everything I say.” Thea rolled her eyes. “We flatter you a bit, and you go on making up more outrageous lies?”

The Callahans glanced at him contemptuously.

His lies were outrageous.

“By your words, that means Scarlett is your wife, and you invited the Blithe King to the House of Royals today?” Tommy said coldly.

James glanced at Tommy. “Of course.”

“What a liar.” Tommy snorted.

The other family members looked at him condescendingly. Now there was no more need for them to curry favor with James since he was not the one who solved the family crisis.

Xara was from the same family as Gladys, the Hills. What did it have to do with James?

James had told the truth. The Callahans did not believe him, and he could not do anything about it.

It was not that they do not want to believe him. It was that he simply did not have anything to support his words. How could a soldier who retired from the military and relied on the Callahans for survival have such influence? The Callahans would have hit the jackpot and developed rapidly if he was really that powerful. “Thea, thank you so much for getting us through this. It was the wisest choice to hand the Callahans to you. Grandpa believes that you will lead us to great lengths.” Lex looked at Thea and asked, “Grandpa has one more question.”

“Go ahead, Grandpa.”

“Who was the person you saved ten years ago?” asked Lex. A lot had happened recently.

Lex was curious about the event where several bigwigs defended Thea and had so many people kneel before her at Yuna’s birthday party.

He knew it was because of the person Thea had saved ten years ago. It was the reason those bigwigs were so respectful to Thea.

However, he did not know about the details of the story.

Everyone had their eyes fixated on Thea and waited for her answer.

“About that…”

Thea was unsure of what to do and simply glanced at James. “I-I also don’t know his identity. His face was severely burnt, and I could not identify him. I know that he is the person that killed the heads of the Great Four and was shot by the Blithe King.”

“He was executed already, but why are these bigshots still treating you with so much respect?” Lex was full of doubts.

“Dad, the Cadens was the number one family in Cansington. Thomas was a very social person and had connections all over the world. It was understandable that they wanted to keep their promise because of the Cadens’ name,” said Howard. Lex nodded lightly. “Well, that sounds reasonable.” James sat aside and remained silent. Thea began to drift into her thoughts about the ghost-masked man who saved her, and a trace of disappointment appeared on her face.

The ghost-masked man had been executed, so there was no chance for her ever to find out his real identity. She did not even know who she saved and returned the favor to her.

Soon, Xara called back. “Thea, Ms. Brooks has agreed to join us. It’s in the Gourmand, right? What time is it? Ms. Brooks had squeezed out some time to meet you, so please don’t make her wait. Otherwise, there isn’t anything I can do for the Callahans either.”

Thea was overjoyed and replied, “Six in the evening in the Diamond room of the Gourmand. “Alright. I’ll inform Ms. Brooks.”

Xara hung up

The faces of the Callahans lit up.

Their crisis was finally over.

Lex frowned. “Thea, there are only a handful of Diamond rooms in the Gourmand of Cansington. Are you sure we’ll be able to get a reservation?”

Before Thea could reply, her mother, Gladys, interrupted the conversation. She said smugly, Aren’t you guys aware of how capable Thea is? The last time we dined in the Gourmand, Mr. Grayson personally gifted Thea a diamond membership card. She is eligible for three free meals per month and ten percent off every other meal.”


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