The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 201

Chapter 201 “No way. Is Thea that influential now?”

“Even if the Cadens were a powerful family, they are now long gone. Why would they make an effort to curry favor with Thea?”

“In my opinion, Grayson from the Gourmand must’ve taken an interest in her.” Upon hearing this, Thea’s face reddened. She refuted the thought, “D-Don’t spout nonsense.” “Thea, Bryan Grayson is part of the Grayson family from the Capital. It’s a good thing he likes you. In my opinion, you should divorce James. That trash only leeches off the Callahans. Though he has no abilities whatsoever, he boasts non-stop.” The Callahans, once again, tried to convince Thea to divorce James. James had an exasperated look. Now that the scar was gone, they had forgotten about the pain. Besides, the scar was still here. Thea glanced at James and said, “I married him, so I’m his wife. We may have had some misunderstandings in the past, but we’ve resolved those issues. I’m willing to give him another chance.”

James felt a sense of warmth growing in his chest upon hearing her words. He could not help but grab Thea’s arm. “Darling, you’re the best.”

“Alright, now.” Lex stood. “Since Thea’s able to make a reservation at the Gourmand’s Diamond Room, we should go and prepare our gifts. We need to ask for Ms. Brooks’ forgiveness this time.”

Thea went and made a reservation for a Diamond Room.

Soon, it was noon.

James had wanted to join in on the feast. After all, the Gourmand was the most luxurious restaurant in Cansington, and the quality of its cuisine was first-class.

However, the Callahans were against this.

They were worried James might have a slip of the tongue and accidentally offend Scarlett. After all, he was prone to boasting non-stop. As such, James had no choice but to comply.

He returned home early while the Callahans made their way to the Gourmand.

Upon returning to the Callahan residence, he sat on the sofa. He was at ease. ‘I feel much better now that I’ve dealt with all these problems. They’re worlds worse compared to fighting a war?

James remained at the residence for several hours before the Callahans returned,

The door opened, and the Callahans walked in, talking and laughing away. “Thea, I didn’t know Ms. Brooks was so forgiving. She waived our thirty billion-dollar debt

just after sharing a single meal with us.” “Xara, how did you get into the Group in just a few days? You’re even acquainted with Ms. Brooks. You’ve made us proud.” Xara walked close behind the Callahans. Xara played a part in helping the Callahans avert their crisis by inviting Scarlett out for a meal. As such, the family was showering her with praise. Xara said with a smile, “I came to Cansington looking for work. Coincidentally, the Group had just been established and was on a hiring spree. I went for an interview to try my luck and bumped into Ms. Brooks along the way. I didn’t know she was the chairman of the Group back then. We conversed a little, and I was summoned into the room when the time came for the interview session.” Thea smiled. “I genuinely thought it was James who introduced you to the job.” “He…”

Xara paused and said, “There’s no way a useless man like him could find me a job, not to mention one in the Group. How would he be capable of doing so? Though I have to say, Thea, nothing’s going on between us.” “Alright, I trust you.” James stood with a smile. “Since you guys are back, I suppose you’ve dealt with the problem?” Thea nodded. “Uh-huh, everything’s settled.” Upon seeing the ashes on the table, David yelled, “James, who allowed you to smoke in the house? The table’s full of ashes now!” Gladys rebuked him as well. “Clean them up now.”, “Got it.” James did not talk back. He swiftly cleared the ashes beside the ashtray. Upon witnessing this scene, Xara frowned. The Callahans were ordering the behind-the-scenes owner of the Group around. At that moment, she could not help but be envious of Thea’s luck. How great would things be if she had been the one to save James ten years ago?

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