The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 202

Chapter 202 Lex had organized a birthday banquet at the House of Royals. It was meant for the most powerful and influential people and hence, was supposed to be a huge sensation in Cansington. Some went to get a glimpse of Thea, but most were there for the House of Royals. The House of Royals was no ordinary place. Since the Callahans had managed to organize a birthday banquet there, it could only mean they were now acquainted with some big shot.

No one expected there to be a false alarm.

Now, everyone knew that all happened because of a son-in-law of the Callahans, who used to be the vice-captain of North Cansington’s police force.

Someone from the Cadens had been working as the secretary of a general of North Cansington’s Military Region, and it was only because of his connections that the Callahans were able to organize a banquet at the House of Royals.

However, the secretary had made a mistake, which led to the false alarm at the Callahans’ banquet. As such, they were now once again made a laughing stock.


“I thought the time had come for the Callahans, yet it turns out it was just a front.” “Now that the Callahans have offended the Blithe King and Scarlett Brooks, it’s over for them. Not even Thea can save them.”

Though the matter had been resolved, everyone was still discussing it. Meanwhile, James had nothing to do, so he became the house-husband of the Callahans.

Thea, on the other hand, was busy with the company’s affairs. In the blink of an eye, a few days had passed. Today was the Mid-Autumn Festival – a day of reunion.

The Callahans were busy making preparations for the banquet. Today was also the day of the Cadens’ memorial.

More importantly, today was the deadline James had set for the culprits of his past.

He had instructed the culprits from ten years ago to kneel for ten days and commit suicide on this day. However, not a single one of them showed up. He then put out the word, calling for the culprits to gather at the Cadens’ cemetery to settle the feud.

It was morning James woke up. Adjusting his tie, Thea reminded him, “Today’s the Mid-Autumn Festival, a day of reunion. Watch your words at the family banquet. I won’t be able to help you if you anger grandpa.”

“Darling, I feel uncomfortable wearing this suit,” James said.

“Maybe I shouldn’t go. If I go, I’ll only embarrass you in front of everyone. I’ll just stay home and eat some instant noodles.”

Thea’s face darkened. “What nonsense are you spouting? You’re my husband. Today’s the Mid -Autumn Festival, and you’re a member of the Callahans. How can you not go?” At that moment, the door opened. Walking in, Gladys overheard their conversation. She immediately said, “You’re not that dense, after all. At least you’re aware that your presence will only embarrass Thea.”

“Then I won’t be going, Gladys. Thea has finally become the chairman. If I go and somehow offend grandpa and the other Callahans, they’ll pick on Thea again. I should only go to the Callahan residence after Thea’s position as chairman has been secured.”

“Thea, what are you dilly-dallying for? You know grandpa doesn’t like people being late.” Tommy walked in. “If James doesn’t want to go, let him be.”

He took a few hundred dollars and handed it to James. “Today’s the Mid-Autumn Festival. Since you’re not going to the Callahans, at least treat yourself to a good meal.”

“Thanks.” James took the money, his face full of gratitude.

Thea frowned. “Are you really not going?”

“Thea, I’ll only embarrass you if I go. I don’t want to humiliate you in front of your family. You’re the chairman now, after all.”

Thea contemplated for a while and said, “Fine. I’ll be back early. We’ll have a meal together to make up for it.”

“Thanks, darling,” James said, smiling,

Thea sighed in resignation. Though she had arranged a job for James, he had offended many people on his first day. Those people had even launched a formal complaint.

She had no choice but to send James home.

The moment the Callahans left, the smile on James’ face vanished, only to be replaced by a grim expression

He had a murderous look on his darkened face.

He pulled his phone out and called Henry. “Henry, what’s the situation?”

“James, I’ve been waiting for your call. I’ve been keeping an eye on the cemetery. Today’s the day of the burial of the leaders of the Great Four, and they’ve chosen a tomb near the Cadens’ cemetery. Besides the core members of the Great Four, the likes of Dawson, Nine Fingers, and the underworld forces of Cansington have gathered in the suburbs. They number in tens of thousands.”

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