The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 206

Chapter 206 Hundreds of combat aircraft circled the sky. On the ground, hundreds upon thousands of tanks, armored vehicles, and convoys drove toward them in mighty formation. Rumble!

As the tanks approached, the ground shook Upon witnessing this spectacle, the men of The Great Four, Dawson, and Nine Fingers went silent. “What’s going on?”

“W-Why is a military formation heading toward us?”

“What’s happening?”

They were durnbfounded.

“Could be a military exercise.”

“Yes, it has to be. Order the men not to act rashly. We’re gathered here today for the burial of our former leaders. As long as we don’t provoke them, they shouldn’t make things difficult for us.” “Quick, drop your weapons.” The men immediately tossed the weapons in their hands. Meanwhile, those armed with firearms concealed them.

They were not in a hurry to deal with James.

They only needed to wait for the military exercise to be over.

Upon seeing this, however, Rowena was scared out of her wits. She never thought James would resort to this just to confront the men of The Great Four and the underworld.

James had mobilized the military.

“S-Sir, the tanks and the armored vehicles have surrounded us. Look at the sky! The combat aircraft have been circling above us for quite some time. There must be hundreds of thern! Oh my God, what the hell is going on?” “Could they be here for us?”


Nine Fingers slapped the guy who had been blabbering nonstop and rebuked him, “After us? Do you really think that highly of us? Who do you think we are? Think about it. We’re just a bunch of gangsters. Would they resort to this?”

The force of the slap was so great that he collapsed to the ground. He hurriedly stood and shook his head. “You’re right. You’re right.”

Nine Fingers lifted his head and looked at the combat aircraft circling above them in the sky. His face darkened, and a similar thought appeared in his mind.

“C-could they really be here for us?”

He glanced at Dawson.

Dawson, too, had a grim expression. He wished for the combat aircraft to leave. Yet, they remained. The men of The Great Four looked at one another. James smiled slightly before going to untie Newton, who was still on the ground. “What are you doing?” One of the sidekicks yelled. Holding a metal rod, he aimed for James’ head. James’ face darkened. He reached up and grabbed the metal rod. “Everyone down there, get on the ground now with your hands on your head.”

A loudspeaker voice came from a helicopter in the sky Upon hearing that, they were at a loss. Immediately, they put their hands on their heads and got on the ground.

The men of The Great Four looked at James.

Could it be him who brought the military here? Who exactly was he? No way. There was no way it could be James. The military was just passing by The men of The Great Four would not believe it was James who had brought the military here.

At that moment, the army arrived.

The tanks aimed at everyone in the Cadens’ cemetery.

James untied Newton and helped him up.

Then, he untied the woman beside Newton and helped her up too.

The woman was around twenty years of age with exquisite facial features.

Though her beautiful face was mud-splattered, it did not obscure her allure and glamor. “J-James, is that really you?” Newton extended his arm and gently pulled James. His shriveled arm trembled.

James grabbed Newton by the arm and said, “Mr. Quinn, it’s me. It really is me, James. Mr. Quinn, step aside for now. I’ll settle the feud from ten years ago.” Saying this, James scanned the surrounding men.

They were on the ground with their hands on their heads and did not dare move a single muscle. There were snipers on the helicopter aiming their guns at them. If they acted rashly, this would be their final resting place.

The men of The Great Four shivered in fear.

Dawson crouched on the floor, his pants wet.

Nine Fingers reacted more dramatically. The smell of excrement wafted in the air. He had soiled his pants!

At that moment, they knew. James had brought the military here. Hector was full of regret. If he had listened to Rowena, the Xaviers would not have had to face destruction. Now, none would escape.

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