The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 207

Chapter 207

Henry got up and went to the car. He took the joss paper, joss sticks, and other items to pay their respects to the deceased.

James walked to the tomb of Thomas and knelt.

His eyes were brimming with tears.

It was this fateful day ten years ago.

The men of The Great Four appeared at the Caden residence, tied them up, and afflicted unspeakable acts of horror upon them.

He was only eighteen years old back then. He could never forget his heart-wrenching screams as he witnessed the Cadens being tied up and burned to death in the fire.

“You… It was you…”

James stood abruptly and pointed at the men on the ground.

He roared with a broken voice, “It was you ten years ago. You beasts in human skin! If you had even an ounce of conscience, you wouldn’t have done such a depraved thing!”

His roar was akin to that of a thunderous clap.

The men of the Great Four, as well as the underworld forces, did not dare retort.

Rowena knelt before James and pleaded, “James, I was wrong. Please, give me a chance.” “A chance?”

James’ eyes were bloodshot.

“And did you give the Cadens a chance to escape? Hand me the Blade of Justice.” James roared.

Henry hurriedly ran to the car and brought a sword out. The sword was covered in a black cloth.

Henry made his way toward James. He knelt before him and handed him the Blade of Justice. James lifted the cloth, and a razor-sharp sword revealed itself.

It was the Blade of Justice.

It represented the highest authority of law.

This sword was bestowed to James by the Supreme Commander of Sol. With the sword in possession, one would have the right to depose tyrant kings and punish treacherous officials. The sword was awarded to James the day he became the General, and never once had he used it. “I’m a reasonable man and will never falsely accuse the innocent, nor will I let a single wicked man off the hook. Step forward and face justice if you’re the culprits who went to the Caden residence ten years ago. Scram if you’re unrelated.” The men of The Great Four were on the ground.

At that moment, they were appalled, and their bodies shivered in fear.

Hector was the first to step forth. He knelt before James and begged for forgiveness. “I-I’m guilty. Please spare the Xaviers.”

“An eye for an eye.”

James lifted the sword.

The sword fell.


The sword pierced through Hector’s body. Blood spilled all over the ground.

Hector’s body went limp This scene stunned everyone. James roared, “Next.”

James, at the moment, was the devil incarnate.

The men of The Great Four were scared out of their wits. Some of the timid ones even passed out.

James approached Drake. The sword fell. Slash!

Drake was now dead.

James wore a cold expression. Step by step, he walked. Anyone he passed fainted out of fright. However, they could not escape their fates. Soon, a dozen men lay in front of the Cadens’ cemetery. Only Rowena remained.

James approached her.

His sword was blood-tainted. Rowena knelt on the ground, her body shivering non-stop. She could not utter even a single word. James raised the sword. Slash!

Rowena collapsed into a pool of blood. The Blithe king waited for James to be done before walking toward him. He glanced at James and asked, “Are you done? If you are, I’ll deal with the rest.” “Argh!”

James knelt before the tomb and bellowed.

At long last, the feelings of hatred and anguish that he had suppressed for the past ten years were released

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