The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 208

Chapter 208 James knelt before the tomb and bellowed.

Soon, his voice cracked.

He choked with sobs.

Ten years. It had been ten years. Ten years ago, he was only an eighteen-year-old boy who had just graduated high school. His life was full of promise and hope. However, a conspiracy took everything away from him. “Ah…”

“You beast! My daughter was only three years old. How could you?!” “I will die in my grandchildren’s place. Let them go…” The image of the burning residence and the sound of heart-wrenching screams filled his senses. The scenes were as fresh and vivid as they had happened yesterday. He could never forget. Just as he was suffering excruciating pain and crying his eyes out, a young lady appeared. She leaped into the sea of fire without hesitation and dragged him to the riverside. Compelled by the desire to live, he dived into the river.

He drifted with the river flow and found himself in a cave. With a stroke of luck, he found a medical book Cansington was the capital of medicine. Meanwhile, his grandfather was a doctor. He had some medicinal knowledge. He had learned them as a child. After obtaining the medical book, he studied hard and treated the injuries on his body according to the instructions in the book After leaving the cave, he ended up in the Southern Plains. Coincidentally, there was unrest in the Southern Plains, and Sol was recruiting men into the military. He then became a soldier. He trained day and night.

He went into the battlefield.

He climbed the ranks by crossing over the bodies of his enemies. For the past ten years, he was highly regarded in the military. Just a year ago, his battle shocked the world.

He became a legend. He was appointed the Black Dragon, one of the five commanders of Sol, and stood at the pinnacle of power.

It was recognition of his military career by the higher-ups. He had pacified the Southern Plains and the world with a single battle!

When he was at the peak of his career, he handed in his resignation letter. Before the higher ups could approve, he had retumed to Cansington. He was here to pay back his debts and to have his revenge.

He was back to repay Thea for saving his life.

He was back to avenge the destruction of the Cadens.

Now that he had had his revenge, the souls of the fallen Cadens could finally be put to rest.

The hatred in his heart, which he had suppressed for ten years, was finally released.

Henry stood by the side and watched the weeping James.

At that moment, he felt sorry for James.

So did the Blithe King He never thought the renowned Black Dragon would have such a soft side.

“Grandpa…” Beside him, the girl firmly gripped Newton’s arm. She was an ordinary girl from the city. She had never witnessed such a bloody scene and such an imposing formation.

“It’s alright.” Newton gently patted the girl’s hand.

After some time, James recollected himself. He stood up, pulled the Blade of Justice out of the ground, and tossed it to Henry. He then headed toward the Blithe king and saluted him.” Thank you.” “Are you done? If so, I’ll send my troops back.”


Jarnes nodded.

He was a reasonable man.

After killing the main culprits, he did not make things difficult for the rest of The Great Four.

He scanned the men of The Great Four, some crouching on the floor and some passed out, and said coldly, “Return all that belongs to the Cadens in three days.”


No one dared object to him.

James approached Newton.


“Mr. Quinn.”

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