The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 209

Chapter 209 James greeted him and immediately turned toward the girl holding Newton’s arm. “Mr. Quinn, who is she?”

Newton explained, “James, she’s my granddaughter, Serena Quinn.”


James nodded, “Three days later, go to The Great Four and take over the businesses of the Cadens.”

“James, this…” Newton was at a loss. James was aware he had insider information.

He knew that the Cadens had moved from the Capital thirty years ago.

Since Newton had been by his grandfather’s side the whole time, he had to know the history of the Cadens and information about the Moonlit Flowers on Cliffside’s Edge. He could even know who was the one targeting the Cadens “Hey, thank you for helping me out here. I’ll treat you to a meal.” James looked at the Blithe King Mhm.”

The Blithe king gave a slight nod.

Then, he gave the order, “Retreat.”

After the military had retreated, the Blithe King looked at the men of The Great Four and from the underworld. Wearing a cold expression, he warned, “You better behave yourself.”

There were too many of them here. There would not be enough space in prison if every one of them was arrested.

Since James did not intend to pursue matters further, he could not care less.


The men of The Great Four and from the underworld did not dare object. “Do not speak of what happened today. You should know the consequences if rumors start spreading.” “Yes, we’ll never tell a living soul.” “I didn’t see anything today.” “What happened today? Aren’t we just here for the funeral of the Great Four’s leaders?”

The Blithe king did not stay for long. He turned to leave. Meanwhile, James brought Newton and Serena to the car. After the military had retreated and the Blithe King, James, and the others had left, the remaining members of the Great Four, as well as the men from the underworld, sighed a breath of relief. They collapsed to the ground, wiping the sweat off their foreheads.

“H- Holy sh*t.” “Who the hell is James? How did he make the Blithe King appear in person?” “A strong army of a hundred thousand Just the thought of it sends shivers down my spine.”

“We’ll lose our lives if we dig into it.”

“We barely made it out alive.” They looked at each other, relishing that they were still alive. Immediately, they left the area. Meanwhile, the members of The Great Four began burying the deceased.

The grudge was no more. However, news of the mobilization of a hundred-thousand army sent shockwaves throughout Cansington.

It was too conspicuous. The military might of a hundred combat aircraft, tanks, armored vehicles, and convoys was simply too impressive. The people of Cansington gathered to discuss the matter. After the Blithe King had returned, he immediately issued a document.

He announced that it was a military exercise.

The outside world was convinced, while the ones who knew did not dare divulge a single piece of information.

After showering at the Goodview Villa District in the House of Royals, James changed into clean clothes.

On a luxurious sofa of the palace-like foyer of the House of Royals, Serena was firmly gripping Newton’s arm. She was a little nervous. At the same time, however, she kept glancing over at James.

James was holding a cigarette. “Mr. Quinn, since you’ve been following my grandpa around, you should know the Cadens inside out. As far as I know, the Cadens migrated from the Capital thirty years ago. However, I’ve found nothing, no matter how hard I’ve looked into it. What’s going on?”

Newton wore a reluctant expression.

He glanced at James, who was seated in front of him.

The scene from before kept replaying in his head. Although he had not been in Cansington for many years, he knew who the Blithe King was. And now, the man before him was James Caden, who escaped the fire from the Caden residence ten years ago. “J-James, who exactly are you?” Newton could not help but ask He got the Blithe king to mobilize a hundred-thousand army. Newton could not figure it out. Just how powerful was James?

“The General of the million-strong Black Dragon army of the Southern Plains. Together with the Blithe King of the West, the Centurion of the North, the Barbarian King of the East, and the Emperor of the Capital, I’m one of the five commanders of Sol.”

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