The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 215

Chapter 215 James stood and turned to look at Thea. “You’re the chairman. Order the finance department to pay the compensation.”

“James, w-what…” Thea was at a loss. She thought James would resolve the problem. However, after his posturing and empty words, he was now advising the Callahans to pay up.

An angry rebuke came from inside the building, “What are you doing, James? Ten million dollars? Are you kidding me? I won’t be surprised if you colluded with these people to swindle money out of the Callahans.” It was Gladys.

James whispered in Thea’s ear, “There’s something wrong with the medicine.” “H-How can you be sure this medicine was prescribed by us? What if someone’s trying to frame us?” Thea glanced at James. If they paid compensation before getting to the bottom of this incident, would it not be equivalent to acknowledging their mistake? James said, “Listen to me. Appeasing the family of the deceased is our top priority. As long as we pay compensation and calm them down, everything else will be a piece of cake. In any case, it’s detrimental to the Callahans if this continues. If we can prove that this incident is unrelated to Eternality, it’ll bolster our image. The advertising we’d gain from this would greatly outweigh spending ten million on advertisements. If it’s truly our fault, then forking the money out now would keep our losses to the minimum.” Thea mused over his words and believed they made sense.

She stood up and nodded. “Fine, ten million dollars it is.”

The muscular man and his family did not expect the Callahans to be such a pushover. In past cases of medical negligence, the hospitals would try to shift the blame away from them. Even if the victims were compensated, they had to go through court cases for years. At that moment, they felt ten million dollars were too little. They gathered and had a discussion. “Hey, do you think we’re asking for too little?” “Yeah, dad. I heard the Callahans have deepened cooperation with multiple large corporations and are now swiftly expanding their business.”

“We should ask for more.”

Soon, they finished their discussion.

The muscular man stepped forward once more. He threatened menacingly, “Ten million dollars is too little. I won’t settle for anything less than fifty million dollars.” “Sob… my poor father. You’ve died a horrible death.” “Oh, my poor grandpa…”

They cried their eyes out in front of Eternality Hospital. “Jamie, what should we do now?” Thea was panicking. She did not expect them to raise the prices. Though she had promised to pay ten million dollars in compensation, they now demanded fifty million.

As of late, the Callahans had spent a sum on setting up shops and expanding their businesses. Currently, they only had twenty million dollars in cash flow.

Where on earth would they get their hands on fifty million?

James looked at them and said coldly, “Don’t push it. He was terminally ill even before consuming our medicine. We can never know whether he died of medical negligence or natural causes. Since you demand fifty million dollars, please go through the official procedures and undergo a post-mortem examination.”

Upon hearing his words, the family was stunned. Official procedures?

The man was indeed terminally ill and had been kept on life support through medicine.

If the post-mortem examination showed that he died of natural causes, they would receive zero compensation.

Upon hearing this, the onlookers started pointing fingers. “He’s right. The man was already ill. Maybe he didn’t die after consuming Eternality’s medicine.”

“We can’t be sure about that. Do you not see the number of sick people here?”

“It could be an accident if it’s just the old guy. But something’s going on with this many people here.” They were heated in the discussion.

Meanwhile, the muscular man and his family were having a discussion too.

If they opted to go through the official procedures, it might take forever to receive compensation. After the discussion, they chose to settle for ten million dollars. “Fine. We’ll settle for ten million dollars. You’ll have to pay us now.” James glanced at Thea. “Arrange for it.”

“What about me? I’ve been losing my hair after eating your medicine.”

“What about me? My face is swelling.” “I had diarrhea after eating your medicine.” “I’m not asking for much. Maybe five hundred thousand?”

The crowd heckled for Eternality Hospital to compensate them.

Thea went to arrange for a bank transfer. James glanced at the Callahans in the building and ordered, “Bring me a table.”

Soon, David and Alyssa brought a table and a stool out. James sat on the stool and fixed his gaze on the crowd. He yelled, “Shut it. Whatever it is, we’ll see about it after I’ve taken a look Queue up and wait for your turn. We’ll pay up if it’s our mistake. However, don’t blame me for what happens if you’re here to make trouble.”

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