The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 216

Chapter 216

James had a loud voice,

His roar stunned the angry crowd gathered outside Eternality Hospital. ws The boisterous crowd immediately fell silent. James pointed at a man whose face was swelling. “You, come here and sit. I’ll take your pulse.”

The man immediately sat before James and ranted, “You’re compensating me no matter what. Do you know what I do for a living? I’m the manager of a large corporation with a monthly salary of fifty thousand. My illness got in the way of my work, and I was fired. I won’t settle for anything below a few hundred thousand.” James glared at him.

His glare was penetrating. The man chickened out and muttered silently, “I’d be fine with a few thousand.”

“Show me your arm.”

The man extended his arm.

James took his pulse.

“So, you came to Eternality Hospital because you have skin irritation. What does this have to do with us?”

James slammed the table and rebuked him, “You must’ve eaten something to trigger the swelling. Why are you blaming us?” “Yes, I have a skin allergy. But after eating your medicine, my situation got worse. It hadn’t been that bad before. Look at my face. It looks like it’d been stung by a bee.”

“I’ll prescribe some medicine for you. If your face’s still swelling by tomorrow, come again.”

James grabbed a pencil and wrote the prescription. He tossed it at the man before him and said, “If you don’t trust us, feel free to get a second opinion. Next.”

The man looked at the prescription, dumbfounded.

He came here to demand compensation. Yet now, they were dismissing him after handing him a prescription. James scolded, “What are you standing there for? Get lost. I have other patients to attend to.”

“Fine. We’ll meet in court if my face’s still swelling by tomorrow.”

The man spat a ruthless remark and turned to leave.

The moment he left, another man came forward with a mean look He immediately sat on the stool.

“After eating your medicine…” “I’m the doctor. So shut up.” James glared at him and shouted, “Extend your arms.” The man, intimidated, unconsciously followed James’ instructions.

James took his pulse.

A few seconds later, he chuckled and said coldly, “Diarrhoea? It’s only normal since you have a weak stomach. How could you blame this on us? Forget it. I’ll let this slide. I’ll prescribe medicine to you for free. Get your medicine and take it accordingly. Come back if you’re still feeling unwell.”

The man was stunned.

He had not revealed anything about his illness and the medicine he consumed. Yet, James diagnosed his medical problems in just a couple of seconds. “W-Will this really work?” The man looked at James, puzzled. Meanwhile, James swiftly wrote the prescription and tossed it to him. “Take this and get lost. Next.”

He was dumbfounded.

Before he could react, a healthy-looking man came. He sat in front of James and extended his arth.

James took his pulse Immediately, James stood and kicked him. “Here to cause trouble, aren’t you? You didn’t even consume any medicine in the past week, and your body’s perfectly fine. Show up in front of me again, and things won’t end well for you.”

The man who was sent flying was a reporter.

Many reporters gathered outside Eternality Hospital

Upon witnessing how James accurately diagnosed all the patients’ medical issues without any prior knowledge, they grew suspicious. Hence, they sent someone to test things out.

To their surprise, James saw right through it.

He even knew the reporter had not consumed any medicine.

Laughter erupted from the crowd. “Who’s that guy? He a badass.”

“I know him. He’s James, the son-in-law of the Callahans and the husband of Thea Callahan. Thea was originally the ugliest woman in Cansington. It was only because of James’ treatment did she become the most beautiful.”

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