The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 217

Chapter 217 “Holy, is he that impressive?”

“Seems like it.”

“He’s the true God of medicine. He’s even better than Dr. Fallon.”

The onlookers were in a heated discussion. They were especially stunned after finding out it was James who treated Thea. Meanwhile, James continued treating his patients. A fifty-year-old woman approached him. Taking her seat, she took off her hat. Wearing a mean look, she snarled, frothing at the mouth, “My head hurts. After eating your medicine, I’ve lost most of my hair.” “Quiet,” James snapped. To keep them in check, James had to raise his voice. As expected, the woman who was shrieking fell silent. “Extend your arm.”

She extended her arm.

James took her pulse.

Then, he said, “This has been a chronic problem of yours. You’ve had this headache and insomnia for more than a decade. It was these that led to your hair loss. What does your condition have to do with us? How about this? I’ll prescribe medicine to you for free. I guarantee your condition will improve after consuming it. If not, feel free to tear down Eternality Hospital.” “T-This is unbelievable!” The women yelled.

She turned to face the crowd and the cameras and exclaimed, “H-He’s the God of medicine!”

Upon seeing this, the crowd was puzzled. “Hey, could this be staged by Eternality?” “Seems like it. They could be actors hired by Eternality.” “Not even Dr. Fallon’s capable of this. I don’t think this kid’s the real deal.” “Yeah, not to mention this is broadcasted live. This is much more effective than advertisements.” Many of them were skeptical. They believed that this was staged by Eternality. That was because the Callahans had only just appointed a new chairman and were now expanding their business. They speculated that Eternality planned a publicity stunt to draw attention to their brand.

The Callahans gathered in the hallway of Eternality Hospital. As the situation outside stabilized, the Callahans walked out. Their gaze was fixed on James, who was busy prescribing medicine.

Tommy muttered silently, “I-Is James really Asclepius, the God of medicine? “Of course.” Gladys wore a smug look “It was James who treated Thea’s scar. Not once, but twice. If he’s not Asclepius, who is he?”

David straightened his back “That’s James for you. I kid you not. His skills far surpass that of Dr. Fallon.”

As James dealt with the crisis, Gladys, David, and the others wore a smug look, as if it was them who resolved the problem.


“Please, can you not fool around with me? You went around hooking up with people even though you have a weak body. Now that you’ve contracted a disease and your body’s showing signs of allergy, what does this have to do with Eternality Hospital? Whatever. I’ll give you a prescription for free.” Upon hearing his words, the man who had intended to swindle money out of the hospital felt ashamed. He had hooked up with a prostitute before this. Meanwhile, laughter erupted among the crowd. After James handed him the prescription, he continued, “Next.”

A twenty-year-old man took a seat. He extended his arm so James could take his pulse.

James took his pulse. After a few seconds, he sighed, “The red dots on your body are due to the hotpot you had eaten a few days ago. How could you blame this on us?” “Holy sh*t! How did you know that?”

“I merely guessed. It’s nothing serious. Just remember to watch what you eat. The swelling should be gone in a few days.”

James treated the patients non-stop. Their symptoms were similar. They all had an allergic reaction and were swelling all over.

It was caused by the consumption of substandard medicine.

However, James shifted the blame away from Eternality Hospital. The patients were utterly convinced and did not pursue matters further.

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