The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 218

Chapter 218

Thea made haste.

Soon, the transfer was made. The deceased’s family was satisfied and carried the stretcher away from Eternality Hospital.

James was quick too.

With his unrivaled medical knowledge and amazing oratory skills, he convinced all those who came to make trouble. “Alright now, get going. There’s nothing to see here.” James stood and waved the onlookers away.

Eternality Hospital was one of the largest hospitals on Medical Street. The commotion had attracted many passers-by, including a few distinguished doctors from the neighboring hospitals and clinics. Hold it…”

At that moment, a voice boomed. Huh?

James turned and saw a fifty-year-old doctor in a white suit approaching him.

James frowned. “Is anything the issue?”

“This is Medical Street, where all the clinics and hospitals rely on their true abilities and not through some silly publicity stunt to be recognized. Eternality Hospital has pushed it too far this time. What if everyone else follows suit? What will happen with the rules?”


James squinted at the doctor, “Are you saying this is a mere publicity stunt by Eternality Hospital?” “What? Am I wrong?”

The doctor rebuked him, “Isn’t it obvious? First, you ruined the reputation of Eternality Hospital. Then, you came forward to address the problem and made yourselves known to all by showing off your medical skills. Hmph!”

The doctor spat. “Diagnosis is done based on the observation of symptoms and the individual’s body constitution. Even if you have to put on an act, at least perform well. How is it possible to know what someone ate a few days ago just by taking his pulse? Are you taking us for a fool?”

Upon hearing his words, everyone was stunned. “So, it was a publicity stunt by Eternality.” “I told you there’s no way there’d be such a doctor. Not even Dr. Fallon could do that.” “So, it was a publicity stunt.” “How shameless. I can’t believe they employed such an underhanded tactic to bring in business.”

The onlookers were full of criticism for Eternality Hospital.

“What the hell are you saying?” Gladys could not stand it any longer. She stepped forward and confronted the crowd. “James is the real deal.”

As she said that, she pulled Thea by the arm. “This is my daughter. She was the ugliest woman in all of Cansington. It was James who treated her scars. How does she look? Isn’t her skin smooth? Is anyone else capable of doing this? Do we even need a publicity stunt?” Upon hearing this, the crowd nodded in agreement. They knew what Thea had looked like before. And they could see what she looked like now.

The changes were extraordinary. Not even Dr. Fallon could remove a scar in such a short amount of time. James stepped forward and said with a smile, “What a keen observation. That’s right. It was a publicity stunt meant to make ourselves known to the public. We didn’t expect our fellow doctors to see through our tricks. You, sir, are the real Asclepius. I’m truly impressed.” “James, what are you doing?” Gladys rebuked him. Howard stepped forward and yelled, “It wasn’t a publicity stunt.” James glared at them and whispered, “If not, are we admitting something was wrong with our medicine?”

Upon hearing this, Gladys fell silent. Howard kept silent too.

“Haha, I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival. Sorry for our poor performance. The doctor here is right. Our underhanded tactics are unacceptable. Subsequently, Eternality Hospital will be closed temporarily for reorganization. My fellow friends, we promise to compete fairly in the future. Alright now, get going.”

James waved at the crowd with a smile.

Then, he pulled Thea and the others into Eternality Hospital. “So, it was a publicity stunt, after all.”

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