The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 219

Chapter 219 “I thought someone had died in Eternality Hospital.” “I thought something was wrong with the medicine.” “‘Tsk, it was all an act.” “How shameless of them.” Disinterested, the crowd dispersed.

In the hallway of Eternality Hospital, Gladys rebuked James, “What are you doing? That was the perfect advertisement opportunity. Now, you’ve ruined it all. What do you mean by a publicity stunt? Does this look like one to you?”

James took a seat and lit a cigarette.

Lex asked, “What’s going on, James? Did you really arrange for this?” “Arrange?”

James’ face darkened. “How would I have the time for this? With so many things going wrong all at once, does this look like a publicity stunt to you? If we don’t say so, do we admit something was wrong with our medicine? Do you know how much damage that would cost us if the media got to the bottom of this?”

Tommy stepped forward and said, “Are you trying to say something was wrong with our medicine?”

James nodded. “Most likely.”

Tommy said coldly, “Even if something’s wrong with the medicine, whose fault do you think it is? Thea’s the chairman of Eternality, and she makes every decision of the company. Thea, I heard Eternality recently changed medicine suppliers. Is that true?”

James glanced at Thea.

Thea nodded. “Indeed. Our previous supplier was a small company. With the deepening of our collaboration with Celestial Group, 1 terminated the contract with the previous companies and started getting our supplies from Celestial Group. Celestial Group is a well-established corporation, and its medicine should be fine.”

Megan spoke sarcastically, “Only you would know if anything was wrong with the medicine. The profit is great, after all. Who knows if you’ve been pocketing the earnings and selling fake medicine instead?”

That’s right.” Tommy looked at Lex and said, “Grandpa, you have to look into this. Everything was fine at Eternality before Thea became the chairman. It has only been a few days. Look at what happened already. Besides, I heard David had bought a two-million-dollar luxury car. It’s not the end of the month yet, and the dividends have not been issued. How did he get all that money?

Megan nodded. “You must’ve been putting too much in your pockets. You must’ve at least taken a couple of million from the company. After all, you’ve even got yourself a new two million dollar luxury car.”

David yelled, “Bullsh*t. I bought this car a long time ago. And I paid for it myself.” Gladys was dissatisfied too. She scolded him. “Watch your words, you two. Thea would never do such a thing.”

Lex glanced at Thea. “Thea, it’s normal for you to do this with your position. However, you should’ve wholeheartedly devoted yourself to the family’s business. Using substandard medicine would ruin our reputation. It’d cause terrible consequences for our family.”

“Grandpa, I’m innocent.” Thea was aggrieved.

She had devoted herself to the family’s business. She had been visiting large medical corporations like Celestial Group and Longevity Pharmaceuticals.

She had not taken a single cent from the company, let alone pocketed some for herself. “How dare you, James? How dare you, Thea?” Tommy cursed, “I finally understand everything. Not only did you embezzle the company’s funds, but you even colluded with outsiders to swindle money out of the family. You could at least have nine million out of the ten million dollars you handed out today. Am I right?”

Gladys rebuked him, “Bullsh*t.”

David shouted, “Tommy, don’t you dare accuse us. What do you mean by colluding with outsiders? Do you have evidence?” Tommy looked at Lex and said, “Grandpa, you need to get to the bottom of this. If it’s true that Thea and her family are behind this, I believe we need to reconsider Thea’s position as the company’s chairman. If this continues, the business will be in ruins.” “Grandpa, I didn’t do anything. I’m innocent.” Thea’s eyes were brimming with tears. Lex smoked his cigarette. It was nothing out of the ordinary for a chairman to embezzle the company’s funds. When Howard was the chairman, he too had pocketed quite a sum. However, Lex had chosen to turn a blind eye.

As long as he could bring the family to greater heights, embezzling funds was not a big deal. However, Thea had pushed it too far. He lightly waved. “We’ve yet to get to the bottom of this. Howard, investigate the matter and provide me with an explanation as soon as possible.” “Yes, father.” Howard nodded.

Lex looked at Thea.

“Thea, I’ve observed your performance for the past few days. Reforming the company and deepening cooperation with Celestial Group and Longevity Pharmaceuticals are steps in the right direction. That’s why I pray that you have nothing to do with this. If I find out you were the one behind this all along… Hmph!”

He snorted. Then, carrying his dragon cane, he walked away.

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