The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 224

Chapter 224 According to James, they should detach themselves from Eternality and establish their own business.

However, Gladys was against it. It was obvious this was a conspiracy by Howard and his family. Leaving the family was precisely what they wanted.

Gladys could not stand for this. They knew it was a plot. Yet, they could not provide any evidence and could only watch helplessly. “Leave this to me.”

James’ heart broke upon seeing Thea’s aggrieved look. Pulling her hand, he consoled, “I’ll reason with Yosef.” “It’s no use. If reasoning worked, he wouldn’t have framed me. We don’t have any evidence.” Thea shook her head, crying. “Don’t worry. I have a plan.” James stood and turned to leave.

After leaving the Callahan residence, he gave Henry a call. He instructed him to call Jake Graham to locate Yosef’s place of residence.

After the Blithe King’s succession, Henry lost the authority to use official intelligence networks. Hence, they could only utilize the underground intelligence network Soon, Henry handed all information about Yosef to James.

James was satisfied. As expected of Jake and his underground intelligence network Its speed and accuracy in getting their hands on information far exceeded that of official channels. In a neighborhood in Cansington, Yosef had just returned from the company. Before, he needed to work for another year to retire. Now, he was eligible for early retirement. In addition to the million dollars he had been rewarded, he would also receive retirement pensions every month.

He went to the marketplace to buy chicken and fish to prepare a good lunch. Humming a song, he walked home. As he pulled out his key, he noticed a man standing by the door.

“James?” Yosef was befuddled upon seeing the man before him. As an experienced staff of Eternality Group, he was aware of the Callahans’ internal affairs. As such, he knew that James was the husband of Thea. James offended many employees when Thea arranged a job for him in the company.

“Oh hey, Mr. Zaborowski. Living a good life, I see. What’s that you’re holding? Chicken and fish, huh?” James had a playful smile on his face. Yosef knew immediately that he was here for Thea’s business. However, James did not mention anything about it. Yosef said with a smile, “I’m old. It’s a good thing I retire early. I plan to cook a nice meal for lunch.”

James’s smile froze, and his face darkened. He grabbed Yosef by the collar and lifted him off the ground. Yosef exclaimed, “W-What are you doing, James?” James dragged him to a corner by the staircase and opened the window. “Y-You…”

Yosef was panicking. With his body dangling in the air and the air brushing against his cheeks, he was so horrified he wet his pants. “J-James, t-this is the eighth floor. Please don’t let go…” With his teeth chattering, he stammered. “How dare you, Yosef? How dare you frame my wife? You piece of garbage. I’ll toss you down and let you fall to your death.” James cursed. As he said that, he loosened his grip. His face pale, Yosef held James’ arm firmly. “I-It wasn’t me. Tommy made me do this. After the incident, Howard gave me a million dollars and instructed me to frame the chairman. If I refused, I’d face prosecution. I-It’s not my fault. I was threatened.”

James pulled him back in and threw him to the ground.

“Go to the Callahans and explain things to them. If not, don’t blame me for what happens next.”

Upon seeing James’ grim expression, Yosel was scared out of his wits. He hurriedly said, “I I’ll go right this instant. I’ll go to the Callahans, find Lex, and tell him everything.”

He tumbled and staggered down the stairs.

James returned home. At the Callahan residence, Yosef was kneeling before Lex, weeping and sobbing. “Mr. Lex, James threatened to throw me off from the eighth floor. He even ordered me to tell you that it wasn’t Thea’s fault and that I was instructed by Mr. Howard to do so.” Smash!

Lex slammed the table and cursed, “That b*stard! How dare he?!” “Mr. Lex, you have to protect me. James will kill me.” “He wouldn’t dare,” Lex said coldly.”I’m curious to see what their family is up to. Tommy…” “Yes, grandpa?” Exhilarated, Tommy stood up.

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