The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 225

Chapter 225 Exasperated, Lex bellowed in rage, “Go get me Thea and her family now!”


Tommy wore a smug look. He snorted deep down, “What will you do now, Thea?”

The Callahans’ villa was not too far from Thea’s place. Tommy did not call. Instead, he showed up without warning.

James was already home. Upon seeing their dejected looks, he said with a smile, “No worries. Yosef has confessed to it. He’s now on his way to the Callahans’ villa to admit his mistake. Soon, grandpa will be here.” Upon hearing this, Thea glanced at James. “W-What did you to him?”

James smiled, “Nothing much. I just gave him a scare. After threatening to throw him off the eighth floor, he spilled the beans. He even said he would go to the Callahans’ villa and tell them the truth.” “Haha, nice one, James.”

“I feel much better now.”

They rarely praised Jarnes. James, on the other hand, smiled faintly.

Not long after, a knock came on the door. James said with a smile, “It has to be the Callahans.” Gladys ordered, “David, go get the door.”

“Got it.”

David got up and went to answer the door.

Upon seeing Tommy outside, his face darkened. “No use begging my sister. Unless, of course, you’re willing to kneel before us.” “Huh?” Stunned, Tommy rebuked him, “Are you dumb, David? Who says I’m here to beg for forgiveness? Grandpa asked me to bring you all to the Callahans’ villa.”


David was puzzled. He asked, “Hasn’t Yosef spilled the beans?”

“Haha, yes, he did.” Tommy burst into a peal of laughter. “I’ve conveyed the message. It’s up to you now to choose what to do. I’ll get going.”

Cackling, Tommy left. His triumphant laugh set alarm bells ringing for James. He returned to the living room. “Mom, Thea, something’s wrong. Tommy told me grandpa wants all of us to go to the Callahans’ villa.” “Then, let’s go.” James was the first to stand. Thea followed suit.

Gladys, Benjamin, and Alyssa stood up. They left the house and headed to the Callahans’ villa.

Soon, they arrived. Upon entering the villa, they felt something was amiss. Lex wore a surly expression. Meanwhile, Yosef was seated beside him with his head down, fidgeting Upon seeing James, Yosef shivered and almost collapsed to the floor. He looked at Lex pleadingly, “Mr. Lex, you promised you’d protect me. I have a family to…” Lex lightly waved.

He lifted his head and met the gaze of Benjamin and his family. “You b*stard! The nerve of yours! Do you still have me and the family in mind? Do you not know the rules of the family? What does the first rule say? Have a clear conscience in whatever you do. Think about what you’ve done!” Lex broke into a fit of rage.

James frowned.

What was going on? Did Yosef not tell the truth? “Yosef, I instructed you to tell them the truth. What exactly did you tell grandpa?” “1-1…” Upon recalling what had happened just now, his face paled. However, he recollected himself after remembering this was the Callahans’ villa and that Lex was the patriarch. He looked at James and snarled, “James, don’t you ever think I’m a pushover. Did you think you could make me frame Mr. Howard? Hell no! It was Thea who made me substitute the fake medicine. This has nothing to do with Mr. Howard.”


James was enraged.

He had never seen such a treacherous man.

Thea managed to grab James, who was about to go on a rampage, in time.

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