The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 226

Chapter 226 Gladys stood up and shouted, “Yosef, have a little conscience when speaking!”

“It…It was Thea who forced me to do it. Then, she made James threaten me to frame Mr. Howard,” Yosef insisted that it was Thea and James who had threatened him. “You…” Gladys’ face darkened. Thea also felt deeply wronged. She had been devoted to the family but ended up in such a situation. James took a deep breath to suppress his anger. He understood that he was currently in Cansington, a city of peace, and no longer at the Southern Plains. “Enough!

“Isn’t this enough? Thea, I can forgive you if you’ve made a mistake. After all, you’re still young and can’t resist temptations. As long as you recognize your mistakes and correct them, then you can be forgiven. However, what is it you guys were trying to do? Murder?” Lex shouted. “I didn’t!” Thea shouted back.

Bang! Lex slammed the table and stood up abruptly. “We’ve already come to this point, but you still refuse to admit your mistake?”

“Grandpa, I must admit Thea is indeed very capable. She has formed connections with many big companies in the past few days. This is definitely an advantage for Eternality. However, not admitting her mistake and forcing Mr. Zaborowski to frame my dad is too much. She has such a vicious heart and will surely be the scourge of Eternality in the future…

“So what if she has wide connections with people and can lead the Callahans to become a top household? Grandpa, you’re the one who set the rules in the past that one must act with conscience and never be corrupt. How long has it been, yet such things have already happened?” Tommy voiced out. Megan nodded in agreement. “That’s right. She is already bold enough to even do such things with Grandpa still around. Wouldn’t she lead the Callahans into the abyss after she takes over when Grandpa is gone? “Grandpa, Thea is not worthy of working in Eternality. She’ll definitely ruin the company!”

The two siblings said a few words in agreement with each other.

“Thea, you go home and take some time off. Whenever you admit your mistakes is when you’ll be allowed to go back to work,” Lex said indifferently.

He made such a decision after carefully thinking about it. Although he wanted to lead the Callahans to become an influential family, he would never want to use such dirty methods.

Thea’s actions were considered a crime. Allowing her to continue would lead to the fall of her 12 and Eternality. He did not want the company that he spent his whole life building to be ruined by Thea “I understand.”

Thea wanted to refute them but could not find the right words. She simply nodded and agreed. Gladys and David were furious. “Let’s go.”

Meanwhile, James did not say much.

The family left the Callahans’ villa feeling miserable. Tommy glanced at Megan and smirked proudly. He also did not expect James to threaten Yosef. In the end, Yosef not only refused to expose Howard, but he also turned around and accused James instead. It was so easy for them to squeeze Thea out of the company. Although Lex had not taken back Benjamin’s shares yet, it was only a matter of time before they recovered the shares if they continued to interfere. “I’m so mad! That stubborn old man! He trusted an outsider over his own granddaughter!” Gladys sat on the sofa furiously.

“I-It’s possible that Thea and James put on an act together yesterday. After all, they didn’t show up at the family dinner. Maybe they went to make plans for this.” “Nonsense…” Glayds scolded but lowered her volume. She also felt that it was possible after hearing it from Benjamin. “Thea, did you and James really do it?”

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