The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 227

Chapter 227 “Mom, that’s absurd! How could it be me?” Thea teared up, feeling wronged. ‘It’s alright if Grandpa doesn’t believe me, but even my own parents are doubting me,’ thought Thea.

“Mom, I trust Thea wouldn’t do such things. It must be Howard’s family pulling something sketchy,” said David.

Alyssa nodded. “I agree. Our family has fifty percent of the family business’ shares, and Thea reclaimed the executive chairman position. Howard has always been in control of the family business, so how could he possibly be willing to give it up?” “Ha,” Glayds sighed.

Initially, Gladys thought they were about to have a good life and never expected so many things to happen. “Am I really not fated to be a rich wife in this lifetime?”

“How about we start our own company? With Thea’s capabilities, we can surely make a name for ourselves in the capital of medicine, Cansington,” James suggested. “Easy for you to say. Do you know how much you need and how difficult it is to start a company?” Glayds scolded.

We can take loans if we don’t have the money. Let’s start small. We won’t have to worry about not having orders if we establish our own company since Thea has broad connections. Gradually, the company will grow, and we can start manufacturing our own medicines,” said James.

“Forget it. It’s too hard to start a company. Cansington is saturated with pharmaceutical companies. It will be too hard to establish and succeed with one now,” said David.

“He’s right. According to the latest statistics, more than three thousand pharmaceutical companies were established this year, and more than five thousand have gone bankrupt.” Gladys also refuted him, “James, don’t spout out unrealistic ideas. Thea can go back working in Eternality when the old man calms down.” The whole family rejected the idea. ‘They’ve no guts,’ thought James. James could not do anything else. The family was hopeless and could not be helped anymore. Even now, they still wanted to rely on the Callahans.

‘Do I really have to tell them that the entire Transgenerational New City belongs to me for them to believe that opening up a pharmaceutical company is a piece of cake for us?’

However, James did not say anything else. It was hard to believe, after all. Although this family was not at the bottom of the social hierarchy, they were still a family with only one billion dollars in assets. They would not believe him if he told them he had trillions of dollars in assets.

James glanced at Thea and said, “Thea, you have the final say. We’ll start our own company if you’re willing to do it. You have connections with so many influential people. With their help, we won’t have to worry about orders. As long as we can get a loan, we’ll be able to begin immediately.”

James wanted to say that he could take out several hundred million dollars as start-up capital, but Thea had reminded him before not to talk about money in front of her family.

Thea was tempted with the idea.

What James said made perfect sense. She had several contacts with Celestial Group’s chairman, Alex, who had shown her a lot of respect.

Additionally, she had become good friends with Yuna of Longevity Pharmaceuticals. There would not be a shortage of orders if they set up a company. “D-do we really…take a loan to open a company?” Thea looked at James. James held her hands and said lovingly, “I told you I’ll always stay by your side. I’ll support you in whatever you decide to do. It’s just money… What’s wrong with taking a loan? We can go to Celestial Group and Longevity Pharmaceuticals right now and sign a multi-billion dollar order contract with them. The bank will surely approve our loan application if we bring them the contract documents.” “Forget it. Just rest for a bit. Your grandmother’s birthday is in a few days. We’ll go to your grandmother’s house in North Cansington for vacation for a bit to shake off the worries for now,” said Gladys.

She was against James and Thea messing around. “We will be in great debt if the company fails. Although we’re broke now, at least we’re not in debt.”

“Yeah. Wasn’t there news about a company a few days ago? The company was just newly established but went bankrupt in three months. The boss was three hundred million dollars in debt and jumped off an eight-floor building because he was overwhelmed by it.” Benjamin nodded in agreement. “Yeah, it’s best we stay safe and don’t take any risks.” “James, maybe we should forget about it?” Thea glanced at James.

James was speechless. He finally got Thea tempted by the idea but she became timid again after her family kept shooting it down. “Then, we’ll take a break and think about it later.” James stopped trying to persuade her.

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