The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 228

Chapter 228 James was left with no choice.

The family was unwilling to improve themselves and just wanted to sit back to enjoy success. Knock, knock, knock! “David, go open the door,” said Gladys. David was not in the mood, so he glanced at Alyssa beside him. “Babe, you go get it.” Alyssa was lazy to get up and glanced at James. “You go, James.” James was depressed about their behavior. The whole family was so lazy. However, he did not say anything and went to open the door. At the door stood an elderly man in his 70s or 80s. He dressed very simply and was carrying a few bottles of good wine.

“W-who are you?” James glanced at the man standing outside the door with curiosity on his face. “Y-you must be James. I’m Thea’s granduncle.” “Oh, come inside.” James invited Trevor Callahan into the house.

The whole family’s faces darkened as soon as they saw Trevor entering the house. “What’re you doing here?” Gladys asked coldly. “Gladys.” Trevor approached with the good wine bottles and placed them on the table. “Take it away. We don’t want it,” Gladys said very agitatedly. James was confused when he noticed the whole family had bizarre expressions.

‘When did Lex have a younger brother? How come I’ve never seen him before, even after being in the Callahans for so long?’


Trevor noticed Thea was also present and immediately looked at her with hope. “Thea, I came because I’ve really no other choice. You’re Enternality’s chairman right now and have the greatest authority. My manufacturing factory is about to go bankrupt, and I cannot take any new orders. I’m also in more than ten million dollars of debt to loans and owe millions in employee salaries.”

He knelt on the ground while speaking. “1-1’m begging you, please? For the sake of a family member? Please help Pacific Group.”

Thea stood up and supported Trevor, who was kneeling on the floor. “Granduncle, what’re you doing? Get up quickly.” “Thea, what’re you doing? Have you forgotten what Grandpa said? He said to never speak to Trevor again!” David stood up and scolded her.

Thea looked helpless. She glanced at Trevor and said, “Granduncle, I can’t help you. Let’s say that I’m no longer Eternality’s chairman. Even if I were the chairman, I wouldn’t have the courage to help you either.”

Trevor took a few steps backward after hearing this. He would never throw away his pride to beg Thea if not because of his desperate situation. He left with disappointment. “Is that really your granduncle, Thea? Why haven’t I seen him before?” asked James. “He is indeed my granduncle. However, about twenty years ago, he clashed with my Grandpa and left Eternality. Afterward, he established Pacific Manufacturing by himself. When they split up, my grandpa said he was breaking ties with my granduncle. After that, both families never communicated with each other for years.”

“I see.”

James did not expect the Callahans had such a history. “That’s enough, Thea. Ignore him. The old man would be furious if he found out about this. You’ve no idea how fiercely those two old men fought back then,” said Gladys. “Thea, I think this is a great opportunity.” James said with a smile after giving it a thought.


Thea glanced at James. “Although I don’t know about your granduncle’s company, the Pacific Group, it is probably a large manufacturer that has been established for decades. It has complete human resources and equipment. All we need to do is work on the capital and get some new orders to revitalize it. This would be much easier than starting from scratch.”

“Y-you mean…” Thea suddenly understood.

“You mean I should get some money and take over Granduncle’s company?”

“Nonsense! Our families have broken ties for life. Lex will take back our shares if he finds out about this, Thea. It’s almost the end of the month, and our dividend will be distributed soon. Don’t cause any trouble.”

James said, “Mom, do you still want to depend on Lex? It’s a matter of time before Howard’s family does something to get back the shares. Listen to me on this one. I’ll find a way to get the money. The Callahans don’t treat Thea respectfully, so why don’t we use our connections to do it ourselves instead?”

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