The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 229

Chapter 229 Gladys was also tempted by his words. David said, “James, do you know how inferior Pacific is to Eternality? Even though it is a big manufacturing factory, Granduncle already said it was on the brink of shutting down. Not only can’t he receive new orders, but the company is also in ten million debt. It won’t be that easy to take over, right? Plus, Pacific is Granduncle’s lifetime work. He might not sell it even if you offered him a huge sum.” .

Benjamin nodded. “That’s right. Besides, do you even have money?” “Money won’t be a problem. I’ll find a way to get it,” James said plainly. Gladys was already tempted.

They would definitely be able to earn money if they managed to raise enough funds to take over Pacific Group. It had complete human resources and equipment to continue running. On top of that, Thea had connections with Celestial Group and Longevity Pharmaceuticals. Thus, they would surely be able to receive orders. It was much better than enduring the Callahans’ unfair treatment. “Thea, I can only support you in spirit. I’ve had a grudge against that stubborn Lex for a long time. If you have the chance to stand on your own, then go for it. However…I can only be an emotional support to you since I really don’t have any money to support you.”

“What do you think, Dad?” Thea looked at Benjamin. “I agree with whatever your mum says,” Benjamin glanced at Gladys and replied. The whole family discussed and agreed it was better to leave the Callahans and take a risk this time instead of enduring them.

Thea was motivated after receiving the emotional support of her family. “Then, let’s go talk to Granduncle first,” she grabbed James and said impatiently. “Alright.” James nodded. Trevor went to Thea’s house but learned she was no longer Eternality’s chairman. After thinking about it, he decided he would put away his pride and see Lex. He headed to the Callahans’ villa.

However, he was humiliated and kicked out.

Meanwhile, Thea left the house after concluding with her family.

Just as she was about to head to Trevor’s house, she saw Trevor walking from the direction of the Callahans’ villa with his head lowered to the ground.

She grabbed James’ hand and hurriedly approached.


Trevor raised his head and glanced at Thea.

He had dried up tear marks on his face and looked lifeless.

“Thea,” he greeted her. “Y-you went to beg Grandpa?” asked Thea. “Sigh…” “‘The heavens want Pacific to end,” Trevor sighed deeply He shook his head and turned around to leave. “Granduncle……. I would like to take over Pacific Group. Do you think that’s possible?” Thea shouted.


“Y-you want to take over Pacific Group?” Trevor turned and looked at Thea. “Yeah, you can quote me a price. I’ll find a way to get the money to take over the company if the price is reasonable.” Thea nodded. “Thea, are you scheming something with Lex? You’re trying to buy my company at a low price when it’s in a crisis? i’m telling you, that’s impossible! Even if I go bankrupt, I’ll never give up my life’s work to you guys!” Trevor shouted. “Granduncle, please calm down and listen to us first,” said James. “Yeah, we want to completely take over Pacific Group but not at a low price. You’ve probably heard about my connections with Celestial Group and Longevity Pharmaceuticals, right? Thus, I’m confident Pacific Group will grow more prominent if I take over. How about this? I’ll give you a hundred million dollars for the full equity of the company. However, you can rest assured that you will still be the manufacturing director of Pacific Group.” “S-seriously?”

Trevor glanced at Thea incredulously. Pacific Group was in a crisis and had millions of dollars in debt. The current Pacific Group was only worth up to 10 million with the factory’s various equipment. The other miscellaneous things in the factory added up to a few dozen million. Yet Thea was offering 100 million dollars to purchase it and even promised to let him continue his position as the factory director.

Thea nodded and continued. “Yeah, on top of letting you continue as the factory direction, I’ll give you ten percent of the shares if you agree, so when Pacific Group grows bigger in the future, you will also receive dividends.”

“Alright, alright! I accept the offer!”

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