The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 230

Chapter 230 “Granduncle, shall we go through the transfer procedure now?” Thea looked at Trevor. “Alright, alright, but… Thea, do you have the money?” Trevor’s excitement gradually calmed down, and he asked uncertainly. “You aren’t teasing Granduncle, right?” Thea glanced at James. “Give me the card.” James immediately took out his Black Dragon Card. “How much money is on it?” asked Thea. She kmew that James went to the military court and was expelled because he messed with some money.

Thus, she had no idea how much money he had inside the card.

“It’s not a lot. Probably about two hundred million?” James stated a very conservative figure.

Two hundred million was just enough to solve Thea’s current problems.

One hundred million as acquisition funds for the company and one hundred million as capital.

He did not want to scare Thea by saying a higher figure.

“By the way, the card doesn’t even have a number, so how are you supposed to transfer the money?” Thea glanced at the Black Dragon card doubtfully.

“Haha, it’s bounded to my social security card. The card number is my social security number.” James smiled.

Trevor glanced at James suspiciously. He had heard rumors that James was a live-in son-in-law with no money or power. How was it possible for him to have 200 million on his card?

However, it was none of his business.

“Thea, let’s head to the company and sign an agreement.”

Pacific Group Headquarters. Although Pacific Group was a small company, it still had an office building. Pacific Group, executive chairman’s office room.

A man in his 20s dressed in very expensive luxurious brands was sitting on the sofa with a woman in his arms.

There was also another man in his 40s inside the office room.

He was in a neat sult with a tie.

He kept tugging on his tie as beads of sweat formed on his forehead.

“Mr. Oswald, we’ll find a way to pay back the money as soon as possible. Could you please give us a few more days?” The middle-aged man wiped the sweat on his forehead and respectfully said to the man on the sofa.

The middle-aged man was Trevor’s son, Larry Callahan.

He was also one of the representatives of the Pacific Group.

The man named Mr. Oswald glanced at Larry with a playful smile and said, “How are you going to borrow money with the current state of Pacific Group, Larry? Even if you manage to borrow the money, you’re not going to be able to get any more orders. Am I not right? I’ll keep my word if you sell Pacific Group to me right now, and I’ll waive the ten million dollars. I’ll even give you another ten million dollars. How about it?”

“A-absolutely not. We’re never going to sell Pacific Group.” Larry’s attitude was firm. Pacific Group was their life’s work for a few decades. They have been through many difficulties, so how could they sell it off now at a low price?

Mr. Oswald’s face darkened, and he took out a promissory note. “This is the promissory note written by Trevor, which clearly states that he borrowed ten million dollars for a term of three months. The interest is five million dollars, so that adds up to fifteen million. It’s clearly stated on the promissory note that the Pacific Group will be used as collateral. Are you still trying to break the agreement?”

Larry opened his mouth, but no words came out.

He turned and looked at the door.

His father had left to borrow some money. According to the time, he should be back by now. “What else is there to say, Mr. Oswald? We’ll just get a lawyer and sue the Pacific Group. We have a promissory note, so what are we afraid of?” The girl in Mr. Oswald’s arms said angrily. Suddenly, a woman rushed into the room in a panic and said, “Mr. Larry, we have a problem in the factory. Dozens of trucks came and they’re saying that they’ll take the equipment in the factory to sell if their salary isn’t paid today.” Larry immediately lost all his strength and fell to the ground instantly after hearing this. “It’s over. This is the end for Pacific Group.” At this moment, Trevor led Thea and James into the office.


“How did it go? Did you manage to borrow the money?” Larry stood up and asked frantically. “Y-you’re ‘Thea, the chairman of Eternality. It’s really you! Great! Pacific Group is saved!” Larry was happy to see Thea following behind Trevor.

Mr. Oswald, who was sitting on the sofa, looked at the people who entered the room.

He was from the Oswalds and had a very awkward position in Cansington. His family was inferior to the wealthiest families but was definitely better than a second-class family like the Callahans. They had billions of dollars in assets and belonged to an average position where they were neither the best nor the worst.

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