The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 231

Chapter 231 Calvin Oswald was a Cansington local and was naturally aware of Thea from Eternality. ‘Hasn’t Lex broken ties with Trevor already? So why is Thea here?’ Calvin wondered in his heart.

He had gone to great lengths to acquire the Pacific Group. He agreed to lend the money after checking Pacific Group’s background. Pacific Group was almost his, but Thea suddenly showed up now. “Y-you must be Thea from Eternality? “Hello, Ms. Callahan. I’m Calvin from the Oswalds.” Calvin stood up and stretched his hand to greet Thea with a smile.

“Hmm?” Thea glanced at him, and her beautiful face was full of indifference. Calvin pulled back his hand in embarrassment and said with an awkward smile, “Ms. Callahan, you’re not here to lend money to Pacific Group, right?” “What do you mean ‘lend money’? We’re here to purchase and take over the Pacific Group.” said James.


Larry’s expression changed when he heard this, and he shouted, “Dad, are you really selling Pacific Group?”

“I’m left with no choice. Thea is offering a hundred million to acquire a hundred percent of Pacific Group’s shares. She also guaranteed that we will keep our current positions and she’ll give us ten percent of the company shares,” Trevor explained. Larry sighed in relief. A hundred million would be acceptable. The current state of Pacific Group would only be worth 20 million if everything was sold as a package. Calvin’s expression darkened. He had done a lot to acquire the Pacific Group, yet Thea suddenly appeared just as he was about to achieve his goals. However, he did not dare to challenge Thea. She was a person who had a relatively good relationship with the Celestial Group and the Longevity Group On top of that, the sight of dozens of influential figures kneeling in front of her was still fresh in his mind. The Oswalds would be doomed if he angered Thea, and she had Alex stand up for her. A strong family like the Xaviers could not survive Alex’s wrath, let alone a family like the Oswalds who were inferior to them.

It would be good enough to get back the money that he lent.

His face softened after thinking about it, and he said with a smile, “I see. Ms. Callahan will be taking care of the Pacific Group. I’m here to ask about a debt. The Pacific Group owes me ten million dollars with an interest of five million. This is the promissory is is the promissory note that we’ve signed.” Thea took the promissory note and saw the ten million principal, a term of three months, and the interest of five million.

Her face immediately darkened.

“Five million interest for three months. Your terms are worse than usury. This is an illegal loan. Pacific Group refuses to acknowledge this debt. Go through formal procedures if you want to get back the money from us.”

James looked at her in admiration. Thea was indeed still capable.

“This…” Calvin had a helpless expression. It really was an illegal loan and was not recognized by the law. “1-I’ll just collect the principal. Will that do?”

He compromised with Thea.

“What do you mean, Mr. Oswald? That’s five million dollars! How can you just say you don’t want it?” The woman on the sofa was anxious.

Calvin had promised to reward her with one million after he acquired the Pacific Group.

Now, he was neither going to acquire the Pacific Group nor get back the interest.

She stood up, pointed at Thea’s nose, and scolded her, “Who do you think you are? Why are you here? Get lost…”

Slap! Calvin swung his hand at the woman and slapped her in the face. He used full force, and the woman fell onto the sofa with blood spilling from the corner of her lips.

“Ms. Callahan. She’s just a prostitute and has never been in important situations like this. She doesn’t know your identity, Ms. Callahan. Please don’t take offense.”

Thea did not bother wasting time on her and simply accepted the promissory note.

“I’ll acknowledge the debt of ten million dollars. You head back first, and I’ll call you when I’ve settled everything,” said Thea.


Calvin did not dare to refuse. He dragged the shocked woman out of the room and left. James gave Thea a thumbs up and said, “You’re amazing, darling. Even a cynical spoiled rich boy is respectful toward you.”

James’ words reminded Thea of the ghost-masked man who saved her.

She had achieved her current status thanks to the ghost-masked man.

She was slightly dazed but recollected herself and did not think about it further.

“Granduncle, let’s proceed with the transfer procedures first,” said Thea. PL

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