The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 232

Chapter 232 The transfer process was smooth. Trevor had asked his secretary to draft up a transfer contract, while James logged into his online banking on the spot and transferred 100 million to Trevor’s personal account instantly.

At the same time, James also transferred another 100 million to the company’s account as capital funds. After the transfer was successful, they signed the agreement.

Trevor seemed to have grown older in an instant. He looked at Thea and patted her shoulder.

“Thea, I’m leaving the Pacific Group in your hands. I wasn’t able to bring it to greater heights, but I hope you can lead it to glory in the future,” said Trevor “Don’t worry, Granduncle. I’ll definitely lead Pacific Group to glory,” Thea vowed and reassured Trevor “By the way…”

Larry suddenly remembered and turned toward Thea to inform her, “The company employees are making a fuss at the factory and have shown up with a dozen trucks. They’re threatening to sell the factory’s equipment if they don’t receive their wages today.”


Thea’s expression changed. She had spent 100 million dollars because the Pacific Group had a complete factory with functioning equipment and employees. The 100 million dollars would be spent in vain if they took away the equipment. “Let’s go see the situation now.” They immediately left the office building and went to the factory. Pacific Manufacturing Factory. A dozen large trucks and hundreds of employees were gathered at the gate. The leader was a slightly chubby man who seemed to be in his 40s. “Quinton, you better move out of the way! Open the factory gates!” the leader shouted at a man in his 20s.

“Hurry up! Why’re you stopping us from selling the equipment if you’re not going to pay us our wages?!” “Yeah! What’s the use of keeping them? Are you guys still thinking of making a comeback?” “It’s pointless to leave them in the factory if you’re not going to get any new orders!”

Many employees followed suit.

“Mr. Wright, you’re the deputy director here and have been a long-time factory employee.

Now that the factory is in trouble, it’s enough that you’re not trying to help us get through it together, but instead, you’re trying to drag us down. Do you know what it means to take away the equipment? It’ll mean that Pacific Group will never be able to make a comeback!”

The man in his 20s kept trying to persuade the people at the factory gates.

He was Larry’s son and also the warehouse supervisor, Quinton Callahan.

“Please, believe me, everyone. The Pacific Group will surely get through this. My grandfather will be able to borrow the money very soon.” “Pfft! Borrow money? Who doesn’t know Pacific Group is more than ten million in debt? The equipment will be sold to someone else if we don’t take it right now! Who’s going to pay us when Pacific Group goes bankrupt?”

Quill Wright, the factory’s deputy director, kept inciting the employees.

“Listen to me, everyone! We can’t stay in this factory anymore. I’ve already found a good factory, and I’ve been offered the same position as deputy director. The salary is much higher than in Pacific Group, and I’ll bring everyone who’s willing with me!” “Yeah! This is a lousy factory! Why would we stay?”

“Beat up Quentin if he tries to stop us!”

The crowd charged forward, grabbed Quentin’s key, and forcibly opened the factory gates.

Suddenly, a few people approached from a distance.

It was Trevor, Thea, and James.

Trevor saw the commotion caused by the employees and immediately rushed over as he scolded them. “Are there no rules in this place?!”

The rioting employees calmed down after Trevor’s arrival.

“You can’t blame us for this. We’re also left with no other choice. We haven’t been paid for a few months now and we still need to support our families!” Quill came over and said with a gloomy voice. “That’s right! There’s not a penny left in the company’s account, and the company is in ten million dollar debt! We can’t wait until the equipment is sold to others! Who will pay us if we don’t take it now?”

“My wife is about to give birth, Director! I really don’t have any choice right now.” “Director, I’ve worked in Pacific Group for five years. My mother is seriously ill, and the factory has not paid me wages for three months.” Many employees began to voice out their problems. “Ha,” Trevor sighed.

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