The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 234

Chapter 234 The employees’ riot did not affect Thea’s mood. From her perspective, a company did not need such people. She would never plead for them to stay if they wanted to leave. For those who chose to stay, she would give them the best wages possible to them.

“Ms. Callahan, I’ll show you around the factory.”

Trevor made a gesture to invite her into the factory. “Dad, Grandpa!” Quinton finally had the opportunity to approach them. He looked at Thea with confusion. “Grandpa, what’s going on? How did the company chariman become thea from Eternality!” “The Pacific Group is my life’s effort, and I could not bear to have it fall into an outsider’s hands. Thea isn’t an outsider. The company will surely flourish in Thea’s hands,” Trevor explained.

“I’ll make sure to live up to your expectations, Granduncle.”

The group entered the factory. “Ms. Callahan, the factory’s equipment had just been replaced not too long ago. We’ve invested more than fifty million dollars in replacing the equipment, which is still eighty percent new.”

After entering the factory, Trevor showed Thea around the workshop and introduced the place to her.

Thea nodded. “Okay.”

She was very satisfied.

The factory building was great, and the equipment was fully functional. They also had technicians. Despite some of them leaving, it did not really affect the overall situation. Now, they only needed to focus on getting some orders to revitalize the Pacific Group. It would be hard for other people to get orders from large enterprises. However, it was a piece of cake for Thea to get orders from them. “Are you really acquainted with the Celestial Group’s Alex, Longevity Pharmaceuticals’ Yuna, and some other big shots? Can you really get orders from them?” Quinton asked.

He also heard about Eternality recently.

However, he had only heard rumors and was not aware of the real situation.

“I should be able to get some orders. I’ll go to Longevity Pharmaceuticals in the afternoon to meet Yuna and get some orders first to get the Pacific Group going. We can gradually improve on the follow-up problems slowly,” Thea said with a smile.

“That’s great,” Quinton exclaimed.

The industry has not been the best this year.

Many new factories that were established had connections with major corporations so they could easily get orders.

This significantly impacted the older factories that did not have strong relations with major corporations. Thus, many old manufacturing factories had gone bankrupt and closed down one after another.

The factory employees would finally get work if Pacific Group could get new orders.

“In the future, our employees will have so much work that everyone will have to stay back and work overtime!” Thea swore and assured them.

These employees’ income mainly came from overtime.

Their average salary was around 2,000 dollars. Without working overtime, they could only earn about 2,000 per month. Working overtime would allow them to earn five to six thousand and sometimes even reach seven to eight thousand per month.

Although it was exhausting, many people were willing and looking to work overtime in factories.

“Granduncle, you’re familiar with all the matters in the factory. Thus, you should continue working as factory director for now. I’ll swap you out when there is a suitable candidate in the future. You can notify all the factory employees to claim their wages from the finance department first. Everyone is also entitled to an extra half-month of salary.”


Trevor did not dare to complain about Thea’s plan.

Thea was now the executive chairman, and if she wanted to fire him, he would not have a say in the decision.

Immediately afterward, Thea glanced at Larry and said, ” Uncle, there will definitely be some changes in the company’s staff. I don’t allow any slackers or freeloaders in the company. You can be the vice president for now.I’ll make detailed plans about staff changes after completely taking over the company and studying the company’s internal affairs.”

“Alright.” Larry nodded.

“Also, I must inform you guys that the Pacific Group’s name will be changed and it’ll have a completely new face. After the company starts operating normally, we will enter Transgenerational New City when they open to foreign investments.”


The people present gasped at Thea’s announcement.

They were not dissatisfied with the name change but were shocked that she wanted to enter Transgenerational New City.

They were people from Cansington, and it was impossible for them not to know about Transgenerational New City.

Construction on Transgenerational New City started about five years ago and was finally completed. The city was going to be developed into a first-class financial center. In the future, it would be Cansington’s representation. They had heard that only large enterprises would be eligible to settle in the Transgenerational New City, and there was a one-time upfront fee of 100 million dollars to get a spot. After successfully acquiring a spot, one could open a medical clinic on the medical streets of Transgenerational New City.

It was also possible to open a clothing store in the fashion city.

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