The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 236

Chapter 236 It was already noon when Thea completed the transfer process and toured the Pacific’s Factory.

no James and Thea left together.

He rode his electric motorcycle with Thea. “Honey, let’s not go home for lunch today. We should eat out to celebrate.” Thea wrapped her arms around James as she sat behind him.

The relatively strong wind ruffled her sleek black hair.

She buried her head into James’ shoulder to shield herself from the wind.


Jarnes was more than willing.

He had not eaten alone with Thea for a very long time. “Should we go to the Gourmand?”

Thea shook her head and said, “No. Every time I go to the Gourmand, Bryan will always come to greet me in person as if I was some prominent figure.”

“Haha… Well, you’re a very influential person now! Who else are they going to curry favor with if not you?”

“N-no, i’m not! It’s because…” Thea hesitated.

“Hmm? It’s because of what?”


Thea shook her head.

‘It’s best not to tell James about these things. It’ll make him unnecessarily suspicious. thought Thea James simply smiled and did not pursue the topic. “Drive a bit slower. I need to call home and tell them we’re not going back for lunch.” “Okay.”

James slowed down.

Thea phoned back home.

“Mom, we’re not coming home for lunch. I need to take out a loan to purchase the Pacific Group from Granduncle…”

Thea blurted out an excuse.

She did not dare to tell her family that James had money, especially because his money was obtained through shady means. After hanging up the phone, she reminded him, “James, refrain from saying anything about money outside. There’ll be rumors spread If the word gets out. I’ll find an excuse and say Yuna lent me the money.”

“Alright. I’ve never told anyone about it. In fact, I never dared to use the money because it’ll be troublesome if the authorities look into it. However, seeing that nothing happened, the money must really be a reward from my boss.”

“I’m warning you. You better not cause any trouble in the future. I won’t force you to work if you don’t want to work. When the company is back on track, we’ll buy a house for ourselves and move out. You can stay home, and I’ll make money to support you.”

“Haha. That’ll be great!” James smiled.

The two of them chatted and laughed on the way to the city. They found a decent restaurant. It was lunchtime, so the private rooms were already full, and the only available tables were in the open hall.

Thea ordered a few dishes and handed James the menu. “Have a look and see if you want anything else.”

“We’ve already ordered enough. Two people won’t be able to eat that much anyway,” James said with a smile.

Thea passed the menu to the waiter and added an extra order, “We’ll also have a bottle of wine.”

She was in a good mood that James paid for the acquisition of the Pacific Group. Thus, she wanted to have a drink with James to celebrate Soon, the food was served.

The two chatted happily as they enjoyed their food and wine. In a private room on the second floor.

Many young people were sitting inside the room.

The one in the center was dressed in a white singlet with a gold necklace and a Rolex around his wrist as he smoked his cigar.

The position he was at could see Thea in the first-floor hall.

He had been watching her for a while.

A man in the private room could not help but ask, “Mr. Watson, what’re you looking at?” Zavier Watson held a glass of red wine and watched Thea chatting and laughing with James downstairs.

“She’s gorgeous. Very gorgeous. When did such a beautiful woman appear in Cansington?” Many people followed his gaze after hearing his words. “Mr. Watson, you’ve just returned to Cansington, so you mustn’t be aware of her yet. She’s the hot topic right now, Thea. She’s rated the number one beauty in Cansington by the media. The man she is with is probably her husband, James.” “Oh, she’s married?”

“Yeah, but it’s rumored that they haven’t slept in the same room before. It’s what her mother claims. It seems her mother doesn’t really like him and has constantly been trying to find her a rich husband.”

“She’s not an ordinary person, Mr. Watson. She’s got very good relationships and connections with many bigwigs, including the Celestial Group’s Alex, Longevity Pharmaceuticals’ Yuna, and even the genius doctor, Jay. Apparently, it’s because of the person she saved ten years ago.’

Zavier had just returned to the country and was not aware of recent events in Cansington.

The people surrounded him, and all shared a few recent happenings in Cansington. That included the ghost-masked man who took the city by storm. “The man she saved ten years ago turned out to be the ghost-masked man. This man was a descendant of the Cadens. The head of the Cadens, Thomas, had good relationships with these people. Thus, the ghost-masked man had specifically asked them to take care of Thea before he died.”

Zavier drank his wine with a playful expression as he heard their explanations.

“Thea. What a beauty. I must have her.” “Mr. Watson, I’ll get her to have a drink with you.” Zavier glanced at the man who spoke. The man immediately shut up. “Do you think I want to play with her? I’m serious about her and not trying to have fun. Tsk, tsk. I’ll surely have a good mood every day if I wake up to such a gorgeous wife beside me.”

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