The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 238

Chapter 238 Zavier was extremely generous.

He gave them gifts, a luxurious car, and a villa worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

He had completely conquered the Callahans with his gesture. Gladys immediately started to build the bridge for Zavier. She took out her phone and called Thea, telling her to come home instantly. James and Thea had just arrived at the cinema. Inside the cinema hall, the two sat in a comfortable couple seat.

The two held hands and Thea leaned on James’ shoulder.

She received a call and could not help pouting while saying, “Honey, it seems we won’t be able to finish the movie.”

“Huh? What’s wrong?” asked James.

“I don’t know what happened, but Mom called me and asked me to return home quickly. It seemed to be something urgent,” Thea said helplessly. “Let’s go back then. We’ll have time in the future.”

“Yeah!” Thea nodded.

The two left early

James drove Thea home on his electric motorcycle Before entering the house, they could hear the laughter coming from inside. Thea took out her key and opened the door. Then, they walked into the house As soon as they entered the house, they saw the whole family surrounding a man dressed in a branded suit who exuded extraordinary charisma.

Zavier shared his experience of studying abroad and the high society abroad.

The Callahans had faces that were highly intrigued.

This was wealth.

This was a luxurious life.

This was the high society.

“Dad, Mom. Who is this?” Thea walked over and greeted, then she asked about the guest.

“Let me introduce you, Thea. This is Zavier, who just came back after studying abroad. He came with gifts to visit us. You go out with him and show him around the city in the afternoon.” Thea immediately stood up and pulled Thea over to introduce her.

She placed Thea’s hand into Zavier’s hand while speaking,

Thea quickly retracted her hand.

“Thea, nice to meet you. I’m Zavier,” he smiled generously.

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