The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 241

Chapter 241 Opening a clinic in Nine Dragons Street was a horrible idea.

People in Cansington would head to Medical Street to see a doctor. Those who traveled to Cansington from outside came because of Medical Street’s reputation, and they would not go to ordinary small clinics. Common Clinic’s door was half open.

James heard a woman’s voice from outside the clinic.

“What the f*ck is going on?” His expression immediately changed. He did not rush to the clinic but instead eavesdropped from outside the door. Inside the clinic.

Henry was sitting on a chair with a woman across him.

The woman seemed to be around 25 to 26 years old. She was decent with some make-up on and in a beautiful dress.

“You’re Henry, right? I don’t think we’re suitable for each other. You don’t have a car or savings, and your lousy clinic doesn’t even have any customers. My requirements for a boyfriend are really high. He has to have at least an apartment in the city, a car worth at least five hundred thousand dollars, and also savings of a million dollars.”

The woman picked up her bag and glanced contemptuously at Henry, who was sitting idly like a piece of wood. “Broke*ss. What’s the point of a blind date if you don’t have money?” She left behind a word and walked out with her hips swinging side to side.

“…” Henry wanted to stop her, but he did not manage to find the right words.

“Ha…” he sighed.

After the woman left. James walked in with a smile. He bent over from laughing too hard and patted the table with his hands.

“Are you serious, Henry? Why didn’t you choose a more romantic place for a blind date? How could you have it in Common Clinic? I’m going to die from laughter.” Henry was so embarrassed. “I- James, when did you arrive?” “I’ve been here for a while. I heard everything. Haha! She said you had no money, car, or saving and even called you a broke*ss…” James seemed to have heard the funniest joke of his life and could not stop laughing and almost cried from laughing so hard. “That’s enough. Stop making fun of me,” Henry said with a depressed expression.

James covered his mouth. He did not want to laugh but could not help himself. The famous general, Black Shadow of the Southern Plains, had a blind date and was called a brokess!


After laughing, James straightened his body and patted Henry on the shoulder. “Tell me honestly, what kind of women do you like? i’ll introduce you to some women.”

“I- I was just bored. I downloaded a blind date app and randomly asked to meet up with a girl. I’m not really interested in dating since I don’t think I’m suitable for dating either.”

Henry explained honestly.

James smiled and said, “I know, I understand. You’ve held it in for too long. You’re over thirty yet still a virgin. It’s alright. I’ll take care of you and make sure you have your first night!” “Tsk..”

Henry looked disdainfully and said, “Aren’t you the same? Do you think I’ve not heard about the rumors going outside? It’s rumored that you haven’t slept with Thea.”


James blushed and refuted, “Who said so? I will sleep with her tonight and have a big fat baby next year!”

Then it still means you haven’t. How dare you make fun of me when you’re not much better?” Henry looked at him disdainfully.

“Let’s not talk about this topic anymore. You’re also at the age already. I’ll bring you out and enjoy the night tonight! Wait, let me make a call and ask if there are any entertainment venues in Cansington. We should go and look around.”

“Are you serious, James? Are we really going?”

“Just to look around and experience life.”

James made the phone call.

He directly called Alex.

In fact, he was not interested in such things, but he wanted to take care of his subordinate,

Henry was also a man and had needs that needed to be satisfied. He wanted to help him become a real man.

Meanwhile, he would…

He would do it with Thea tonight.

He could not help but get excited at the thought.

“I’ll have to head back early tonight.’

“Alex, it’s me, James. I need to ask you if you know of any entertainment venues in Cansington. I’m asking for a friend…”

After inquiring with Alex, James hung up the phone, glanced at the puzzled Henry, and said with a smile, “Why’re you spacing out? I’ve already inquired about the best place! Go have a look. I’ve made arrangements for you! I have to go back home early!”

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