The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 242

Chapter 242 Henry drove his modified Tesla and left the Nine Dragon Street with James.

“Where are we going, James?” “The urban area, a place called Great Dignity on Mount Street. “Okay,” replied Henry. Then, he concentrated on driving. “Actually, Michelle is a pretty decent person. I read about her background information. She graduated from a famous university and is currently the manager of a large enterprise with a salary of about thirty thousand dollars per month. Understandably, she had higher requirements for her partner,” Henry could not help but explain. “Are we talking about the Michelle that called you a broke*ass?” James glanced at Henry.

“Yeah, her full name is Michelle Yeager.” Henry nodded.

“Forget about a woman like her. I’ll ask Scarlett to introduce you to a better woman than her. By the way, you can work in the Transgenerational Group if you want to. You can take on the position of vice president in name and would be able to pick up girls much easier. No, it won’t be you picking up girls. The girls will be picking you up!” James said with a smile, “Forget it, forget it. I’m not suited to be a vice president,” Henry immediately refused.

“It’s just in name. You can just go in and supervise some work every day. Also, I heard plenty of beautiful women are in the entertainment industry. How about you buy an entertainment company that has plenty of gorgeous celebrities? There are still one hundred million on the card. Everything will be settled.” Henry smiled and said nothing,

He simply thought that James made sense. He was already at a suitable age to start a family and business.

He was just inessing around and downloaded a blind date application for fun.

He never thought about picking up girls or anything. Soon, they arrived at Great Dignity.

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end clubhouse and was membership-based.

Henry parked the car, and the two walked to the entrance.

They glanced at the security guards at the door, and the women dressed beautifully, showing their curves while walking in and out of the venue.

Henry suddenly felt a bit timid at that moment. He was the general of the Southern Plains and had seen all sorts of crazy things. However, he was nervous now.

“How about we just forget it, James?” Henry glanced at James.

“We’re already here, so let’s just go in and take a look. We’re not short of money anyway. Just take it as an opportunity to look around a bit. We’d be back on the battlefield fighting again if an emergency declaration was issued from the higher-ups.”

“YO, James?”

A voice sounded unexpectedly.

Henry heard the voice and turned around. His expression changed drastically upon seeing the person. The person in front of him was Michelle, who had just been on a blind date with him.

It had not been long, but she had already changed her clothes and come to Great Dignity.

At this moment, Michelle did not look like the same person from the blind date.

Previously, although she wore a gorgeous dress, it was relatively conservative.

Her current outfit was extremely revealing and almost as if she rather walked around without clothes.

Michelle was dressed in a thin and sexy dress. She approached Henry, who was standing at Great Dignity’s entrance. Henry was thrilled, and he smiled.

“What happened? My words hurt you, so you came to have fun in Great Dignity? This is a membership-based club. You won’t be able to get in without a member…”

She squinted her eyes and scanned Henry from top to bottom. ”Your whole outfit isn’t even worth a hundred dollars…”

While speaking, she pointed at Great Dignity’s signboard and sneered, “Do you see those big words? They’re inlaid with gold. The minimum spending here is a hundred and eighty thousand dollars each visit.”

Henry did not expect to meet the woman from the previous blind date, Michelle. ‘Didn’t it say she works as a manager of a high-end company in her documents?”

“Do you work here, Michelle?”

“Yeah, it’s a part-time job. Do you have a problem?” Michelle was not embarrassed at all.

“I am indeed a manager, but is it wrong for me to work part-time here? Do you know how much it is for my service? It’s thirty-eight thousand. Are you rich? i’ll accompany you for some drinks if you can spend a few hundred thousand.” Michelle had mocked Henry from the beginning to the end.

“However, you don’t have money, right? Since you don’t have money, you shouldn’t come to such places to pretend to be rich. Get lost.”

She finished speaking and turned to leave, walking into Great Dignity while twisting her waist.

James wanted to laugh but kept suppressing it. He finally burst out laughing after Michelle walked into Great Dignity. “Henry, you…I don’t know what to say about you anymore. A manager? I’m going to die laughing,”

Henry flushed red.

“That’s enough. Let’s just go back, James.”

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